I’ve decided to make this entry a whopper by posting my reviews of some of the best Watchmen Fan Films I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I hope you enjoy them.
-Fanboy Will

INK BLOT- This Watchmen Fan Film, by Krystian Ramlogan and Multidiasporic Films, Once again takes a majority of it’s plot from the pages of Alan Moore’s masterpiece, with an exception, most of the film’s dialog is original material. Instead of taking the words off of the written page, Ramlogan instead chooses to offer his own insight into the brilliant/mad mind of the masked vigilante. The film takes it’s direction from the pages of Watchmen #2. In the issue, Rorscahch is looking for answers involving the murder of the Comedian, a violent, and deranged vigilante in his own right, that shared similar views on society as a whole. The Comedian, aka Edward Blake, was one of the few people Rorschach considered a friend. The film had Rorschach searching for answers in the murder of his fallen teammate, mulling over theories behind the murder in his head like a broken blender. By way of repetitive thoughts, and slightly warped vocals, the film is successful in providing a window into the troubled mind of the character. Since none of us know what Rorschach’s voice would truly sound like, unless you ask Alan Moore himself, the characters slight Carribean accent should be overlooked, instead of debated. One thing i might debate however, is the clarity of Rorschach’s thoughts. We all know the guy is Looney Tunes, so perhaps a little more illogical thinking, and improper grammar is needed in the dialog, to remind us of the fact that we’re not dealing with say..Batman. Rorschach’s overall creepiness in the film is without question. Ramlogan’s Rorschach carries himself like Michael Myers in a Fedora. The film’s ending is great, wrapping things up nicely, and providing us with the first celluloid appearance of Watchmen arch-nemesis, Moloch! I will not give away anymore, i will just leave you with that. Great original effort! It certainly does not stray too far from words Moore might have penned himself. And for that reason alone, you should make it your business to check this one out. Click HERE and enjoy!

WATCHMEN -The Watchmen madness continues with the review of this film by John R. Bring and Mainframe Pictures. This film is yet another adaptation of a chapter in Alan Moore’s, Watchmen, but not one you’d expect. Instead of Rorschach basking in the glow of the main spotlight, this film features Dan Dreiberg , aka Nite Owl, as the main character. This film is based on pages 10 thru 13 of issue #1 in the original series. In the film we see a defeated looking Dan Dreiberg walking the lonely streets. When he gets back to his humble apartment he finds someone waiting for him. That someone?, Rorschach. Rorschach visits Dreiberg in the hopes that he could provide information regarding the murder of The Comedian, a former teammate of their’s. The film does a great job covering the three pages above by way of solid acting, overall mood, and it’s faithfulness to the original source material. Adam Perry does a terriffifc job portraying Dan Dreiberg in the film, he is every bit as straight-laced and timid as his comic book counterpart. It also doesn’t hurt that he actually resembles him as well, always a good thing folks. Michael Mason Blair, playing Rorschach in the film, gives the character the voice of an old school Brooklyn thug, avoiding the creepy/crazy pipes ,that would seem more fitting, all together. I normally would prefer the later, but for some reason Blair’s vocal stylings in the film actually fit. With it’s musical score, laden with horns you’d find piercing the smoky air of a back alley Jazz club of old, Blair’s voice compliments the mood perfectly, as well as providing a nice contrast to Perry’s, Dan Dreiberg. A nice piece of drama overall that proves Fan Films can actually feature some solid acting, if you look in the right place. Nicely done indeed. Click HERE for the film.
WATCHMEN PG.5 – Literally bringing page five of Alan Moore’s Watchmen to life, Watchmen Pg.5 is a word for word adaptation of the now infamous page from the legendary graphic novel. The short stars one of the books most popular characters, Rorschach. This Fan Film is quite short, but that’s just fine. after all, this is a film based on one page from a comic book, we’re not talkin’, War And Peace here.. Visually the film is a dynamo. With awesome camera work, a groovy digital backdrop, and a Pulp Noir feel, just perfect for Mr. Rorschach, this is probably the most faithful Fan Film adaptation of The Watchmen that I’ve seen to date. The only gripe i have with the film, and i mean iddy biddy, is that Rorschach’s voice is rather normal. Sure he sounds tough and gritty, like a private dick from days gone by, no problem with that, but the character is mentally deranged, Maybe making the tone of his voice a little scarier and unhinged would have done it for me. Otherwise, no complaints here. The film pretty much follows Alan Moore’s script for the book verbatim, but there is also some original dialog added by the filmmakers for good measure.
This is, simply, a great little Fan Film that should command repeated viewings. As a final note, a little nugget of trivia.. I just discovered this film was made by a High School senior for his final project, In the great words of Peter Griffin, “Holy crap!” Click HERE my children…

THE ABYSS GAZES ALSO-Taken directly from the pages of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Comic masterpeice, The Watchmen, The Abyss Gazes Also, provides a live-action adaptation of the psychiatric evaluation of Rorschach, conducted by Dr. Malcom Long. The film’s script follows the comic text word for word, but that’s not necessarily an issue, it’s how you put that story to good use, that’s what counts. This film does just that. Shot in black and white, the look of the film immediately sets the gloomy backdrop for this suspense laden thriller. The mental game of tennis between Dr. Long and Rorschach is a true nailbiter. Rorschach (played by Kyle Salhany) is genuinely creepy, with his monotone voice, and stone cold countenance( Salhany) hits the bullseye and serves up an noteworthy portrayl of the demented vigilante. The film features nighmarish flashback sequences of Rorschachs vigilante exploits. Brought to life via semi-animated panels straight from the graphic novel, the sights and sounds are unnerving, giving us a convincing look into the mind of a madman. (Michael Smyth) who portrays Dr.Long in the film is the perfect ying to (Salhany’s) yang. Straight-laced and cowardly, Long squirms in his chair finding himself trapped in the black hole that is Rorschachs hollow soul. This is one of the best Watchmen films I have viewed recently, And I highly reccommend checking it out. This film is brought to you by Jesse Rath, Monty Bernardi, and the good folks of Shatter Films. Click HERE to please your eyeballs…