Hey Gang, Just wanted to bring your attention to the Our Heroes section today. Independent filmmakers have been busy churning out some quality Superhero/Comic Book related cinema of late, So I’ve compiled a list of my personal faves to share with you guys, Ain’t I a sweetheart? 🙂 Be the first on your block to check out, Team Epic, CUBEGIRL, The League, Issues, Heroes Of The North, and The Chick!



I came across this article on Horrorseek.com. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Glut’s groundbreaking work in the hallowed halls of Fan Film history, this is a great article to introduce you to the incredible creativity, ingenuity, and heart, that make Don’s films so enjoyable to this very day!

This particular article focuses on Don’s superhero Fan Film’s. Years before Batman fought The Predator, or Dan Poole swung around Maryland on a rope, Don was making his own superhero films in his backyard featuring the likes of, Captain America, The Phantom, Captain Marvel, Spy Smasher, Spider-Man, and more!

If You like what you see, and you’d like to see more, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Don’s DVD, I Was A Teenage Movie Maker. Enjoy!


Fan Film Podcast Episode 64

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Is anyone familiar with the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? The game is based under the assumption that any actor can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps. I was having a bizarre thought while editing this week’s Podcast and took it a step farther. Do the fan film makers Fanboy Will and I talk with fit into the game? In some cases – very, very easily. Sometimes I think people get so enamored with “celebrity” we don’t realize how attainable or how we regular folk connect to these so called “stars”. So I took this week’s guest Chris Bouchard and put him to my hypothesis. Actually, Chris was pretty easy. But let’s play and maybe next time it will be a little more challenging.

So onto the game. Onto Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

1) Chris Bouchard directed Max Bracey is The Hunt for Gollum.
2) Max Bracey portrayed Baby Superman in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.
3) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace starred Gene Hackman.
4) Gene Hackman was in Get Shorty with John Travolta.
5) John Travolta was in Broken Arrow with Christian Slater.
6) And Christian Slater was in Murder in the First with Mr. Kevin Bacon.

So I give you Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. A game even the fan film lovers can play.


n73130854851_1748.jpgThis Documentary feature film showcases the utilization of comic books to promote literacy and education

CHICAGO, IL – The independent documentary feature film “Comic Book Literacy” will make its world premiere at C2E2 – The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. The film will screen on Sunday April 18th at 1:45. After the screening there will be a Q&A with the film’s director Todd Kent.

“Comic Book Literacy” emphasizes the positive attributes of a misunderstood medium. The film features appearances by comic book writers and artists such as Paul Dini, Scott McCloud, Terry Moore, Joe Quesada, Jim Salicrup, Gail Simone and Art Spigeleman as well as historians and scholars who discuss the role comics play in education in both an historical and contemporary context.

“Many, many people we spoke with attributed their love of reading to comic books,” Kent said, “And we are thrilled to be able to share that excitement and spread the good word about comics.”

Kent added, “C2E2 is a great fit for the film and we’re honored to be a part of it.” Topics in the film include visual literacy, vocabulary and even science and history, the learning of which can be enhanced with the help of comics.

There are plans to screen the film at film festivals and comic book conventions throughout the year with the goal of obtaining a wide release distribution.

“We also hope to spread the word about what a great educational resource comics are,” said Kent, “All teachers should have some comics in their utility belt.”

For more information about the film, upcoming screenings, and updates go to: http://www.ComicBookLiteracy.com


Fan Film Podcast Episode 63

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YO JOE! I mean YO SCOTT! I’m talking Scott Grass from Forsaken Filmz who has brought us the G.I. Joe fan film “End Of Peace”. G.I. Joe is not a property you normally see in the world of fan films due the extensive cast of characters, intricate costuming, and potential for costly special effects. But if there’s one thing fan film makers can do is stretch the imagination to make the inconceivable conceivable. Scott and his crew have juggled what could potentially be a disastrous production into a cool film that holds the heart and integrity to what the die hard G.I. Joe fans would expect from such a project.

As all members of the fan film making community can imagine it’s not always easy making a final production, to actually get it out there for all to see. Scott talks candidly about the trials and disappointments in took to get “End of Peace” to eventually see the light of day. And Forsaken Filmz is not a one trick pony. Oh no! As the normal genesis of the people that make these fan films they progress into their own original projects in this case Forsaken’s “Thou Shall Kill”.

So DUSTY yourself off. Get ready to get all GUNG HO! Grab yourself some BARBEQUE and some BAZOOKA bubble gum. Turn off the LAW and ORDER. Move into a room with LOW LIGHT. Get all FOOTLOOSE. Prepare to ROCK ‘N ROLL ! And join us for some CHUCKLES only on the Fan Film Podcast.




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