Recently I was contacted by Kevin McGuiness regarding a new Catwoman fan film he is woking on, Catwoman:Anima. The film looks to take a dramatically different approach portraying the character of Selina Kyle, and what makes her tick. Below is a synopsis provided by the Director..

The film which I have submitted is titled “Catwoman: Anima” and is based on the popular DC heroine. This film is a dream sequence which examines the psychological aspects of Selina Kyle’s Catwoman persona, as it pertains to Carl Jung’s writings concerning the Anima, the unconscious and unbridled female psyche. I hope that this work will eventually serve as the foundation for a feature project concerning Catwoman.

Mr. McGuiness plans to release the film in parts on Youtube over the next couple of months, keep your eyes peeled….




I was recently contacted by John Adams regarding  an ambitious 10 part Dr. Who fan film series He is working on. The film is set to release in it’s entirety on November 23, which just so happens to be Dr. Who’s 47th anniversary. The film will be cut into ten parts, or episodes, to capture that TV series feel. Fortunately, Mr.Adams has finished two parts of the series which are available for viewing right here on FBT! Best of luck with the series John 🙂


Todd Kent
The Comic Book Literacy Documentary
C: 214-287-8219

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Contact: Todd Kent

Literacy advocacy organization teams up with filmmaker to spread the word about comic books and reading

SAN DIEGO, CA – After a successful screening earlier in the year at the San Diego Comic-Con International, the independent documentary film “Comic Book Literacy” is returning to America’s Finest City with the help of the local non-profit organization, “Words Alive.”  The film will be screened October 12 at 7:00 at Lestat’s Coffee Shop on 3343 Adams. Ave.
The film showcases the utilization of the comic book medium to promote literacy and education.  In the film, comic book writers and artists (such as Art Spiegelman, Joe Quesada, Paul Dini, Scott McCloud and others) as well as scholars and historians discuss the various roles comic books have played in education.
“Comic Book Literacy’s message regarding the immense value of comic books in inspiring a passion for literacy really fits in with Words Alive’s mission and volunteer programs,” said Patrick Stewart, Executive Director at Words Alive. “Comic books are an engaging, intellectual, and affordable way for people of all ages to develop a love of reading, and we are excited to be a part of this event.”
“I am very excited to have the opportunity to screen in San Diego again,” said Todd Kent, the film’s director, “and I think it’s a great chance for the people who missed it at Comic-Con to see the film.”
The film won “Best Documentary” at the 2010 Phoenix Comicon and is currently touring the country, screening at various film festivals, comic book conventions and literacy events.  For more information about the film, upcoming screenings, and updates go to:
If you would like more information or to schedule an interview with filmmaker Todd Kent
please call 214-287-8219 or e-mail

About Words Alive
Founded in 1999, Words Alive is a non-profit organization that helps underserved, low-income, at-risk children, teens and adults discover how books can add meaning to their lives. Instead of teaching the skill of reading, Words Alive engages its program participants in the joy of reading with innovative programs and initiatives with the goal of creating lifelong readers and learners. For more information about Words Alive, its programs, volunteer opportunities, annual Authors Luncheon and giving opportunities, please contact Patrick Stewart, at (858) 274-9673, or access our website at


I was recently contacted by Mr. Richard Kuta regarding His animated Fan Film, currently in pre-production, starring video game icon, Sonic The Hedgehog! It looks to be one Hell of a tribute to The Blue Blur in all of his past, and present incarnations. The film has passed the pre-production stage as of spring, read below to see how you can help Mr. Kuta and crew finish this project. We love to help out fellow Fan Filmmakers whenever We can here at FBT, so please read the release in it’s entirety to see If you can lend a hand in any way. You can also view the first trailer for the film below, along with the official website links.  And as usual, We will keep you guys up to date on this films progress…

Over 5 years ago, I began development for a full length animated film centered on the popular video game character Sonic the Hedgehog. It garnered the attention from Sega of America and Universal Pictures but was rejected by Sega’s Japanese branch in 2007. After receiving the devastating news, the project soldiered on as an independent fan film.

The intent for this production is to incorporate elements from the comic books, cartoon shows, and video games to tell a compelling story of the blue blur. The feature will journey through a retrospective of Sonic’s history by exploring surrealistic landscapes that are reminiscent of the 16-bit era. Getting acquainted with other Sonic’s laundry list of friends from Tails, Princess Sally, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Shadow and many more. Sharing the emotional victories over the defeat of the sinister dictator Dr Robotnik and his robotic army. Re-introducing the Chaos Emeralds, their mystic power, and how it transformed Sonic into Super Sonic.
Pre-production has been completed since Spring 2010 which consists of a script, storyboards, artwork, outlines, descriptions, and voice recordings. Samples are posted for view in the “Gallery” section and more will surface in the near future. All the groundwork has been laid out we are ready to proceed to the next phase…..ANIMATION!
The style we’re implementing is a 2D hand drawn style fused with CGI FX that recaptures the magic of classic Disney/Don Bluth films and the nostalgia of the 90’s Saturday Morning cartoon series (SatAM). We’ve diligently planned everything out to ensure it would be an animated experience that everyone can enjoy since the people involved hold an encyclopedic knowledge of the franchise and have stayed faithful to the source material.

In July 2010, I partnered with a new studio and animation director who are anxious to work on this ambitious epic as new animation tests are currently underway.
NOTE: If we raise $1,500, we can have an animated sequence of the film completed in a 1 month duration! Not only that, the animation will be different and more polished from the 2009 trailer since the project is under a new umbrella.
On behalf of our humble crew, we collectively appreciate your expressed interest in our “way past cool” film and hope we can accomplish our goal after all the hard efforts that have been employed. Who knows, maybe we can get it screened in select theaters in things really pan out. And yes, there are sequels already outlined!
Furthernote, Im dedicating this project to the loving memory of Ben Hurst; writer of the SatAM cartoon show. He was a continuing source of inspiration growing up and the reason I wanted to pursue animation and multimedia. He was a treasured icon in the Sonic community and will be solely missed.
If anyone has questions, comments, or feedback please contact me directly at the following:

Skype: richiethechipmunk
AIM: johnhughesending
This is a non-profit fan film developed for entertainment purposes. Sonic and all related characters are property of SEGA, DiC/Cookie Jar Entertainment, and Archie Publications. All Rights Reserved.



Atlantis Studios Releases Paula Peril and The Invisible Evil
September 17, 2010
Suwanee, Georgia – Atlantis Studios released today Paula Peril and The Invisible Evil, the all-new live action movie based on the popular comic book The Adventures of Paula Peril. The film stars fan favorite Valerie Perez (Universal Dead), Matt Perello (The Vampire Diaries), and co-stars Marla Malcom (2001 Maniacs), Perry Poston (Unspeakable), and Stacey Turner (The Blind Side). Fans can order the film for download, or the Collector’s Edition DVD for $12.95 at

In The Invisible Evil, intrepid reporter Paula “Peril” Perillo (Valerie Perez) and photographer Jimmy Smith (Matt Perello) investigate the murders of two mobsters in a mysterious downtown building. Unfortunately, Paula soon finds herself in the clutches of her enemies, uncovering a more deadly secret than she had ever suspected.

Benjamin Barak, well known for his work at Comedy Central and the Turner network, directed this latest chapter using a team from the Atlanta area. “It’s incredible the talent that we were able to bring to this film, both in front and behind the camera”, said Ben, “we’re grateful to everyone who pitched in to make this episode of Paula Peril come to life!”

For the latest on Paula Peril movies and comics, visit:
About Paula Peril
The Adventures of Paula Peril is an original comic book series inspired by pulp detective stories, cliffhanger serials, and plucky teen sleuth mysteries. It was first published in February 2006 and has since become Atlantis Studios best-selling original title. The series has been adapted into two short films (Trapped in the Flames and Mystery of the Crystal Falcon).  Both of these previous episodes are still available for sale on DVD or via online download.
About Atlantis Studios
Atlantis Studios is a Georgia-based sequential arts studio specializing in comics and graphic novels for science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure licensed properties. Since its creation in 1997, Atlantis Studios has created, published, or produced over 160 published works, many of them developed exclusively for clients in the film and television industry.




We’re always happy when a member of our Fan Film community manages to get the attention of a Hollywood executive, Director, or actor. Well, These guys have managed to garner the attention of all three with little film you may have heard of, Raiders Of The Lost Ark The Adaptation. Made in the 80’s by a bunch of dedicated, and talented young men from Biloxi Mississippi (Eric Zala, Chris Strompolos, and Jayson Lamb, to be exact..) .Raiders is literally a shot for shot remake of, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, filmed with a VHS Video Camera, starring an all kid cast, and backed by virtually no budget.

The film eventually did so well playing at festivals, small movie houses, and good old fashioned word of mouth, that a copy of the film ended up in the hands of the original film’s creators, the mighty Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas! Needless to say, they both loved it.

Fast forward to 2004′, All three of the filmmakers, now adults with successful careers and families, were so busy with life that their labor of love from all those years ago was reduced to fuzzy warm memory from their childhood. That all changed when Mr. Zala, Strompolos, and Lamb were all personally invited to meet Steven Spielberg at Dreamworks Studios corporate offices.

Well, The Gods of fortune seemed to have smiled on the talented trio once again…Fast forward to the present…

Raiders-The Adaptation, will be screening at Kevin Smith’s Theatre in L.A. this weekend  for a limited engagement! You can buy tickets to this event now, all the info you need is below…..

Best of luck with the screening Guys, and congratulations! 🙂

-Fanboy Will

For those of you near / in Los Angeles, we’re

having an impromptu screening of our Raiders movie

this weekend at Kevin Smith’s theater.

Kevin Smith’s – The Smodcastle

Saturday, September 18th @ 9pm.

6468 Santa Monica Blvd, LA, CA 90038


~The Raiders Guys J