Fan Film Podcast: Episode 69 – Adrien Van Viersen (Director Of, The Shadow Strikes!)

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Adrien Van Viersen knows.” Adrien of SmashMedia Productions is our guest on this new edition of the Fan Film Podcast. He’s storyboarded a lot of the high end Hollywood Superhero films that have come out in recent years including both Fantastic Four films and X-Men 2 & 3 as well as a long list of credits in between. And he’s also made a fan film based one of his favorite long time pulp characters – The Shadow. What separates Adrien’s fan film from most is the dark tone it takes and it’s very adult nature of the imagery. The films antagonist is a child rapist and his just rewards appropriate. Not one for the kiddies. Remember when digital effects started to take over practical effects in the films of the 90s? Sure, in some cases practical effects still do exist in today’s cinema, but nothing compared to yesteryear. What the hell was a CGI in the 80s? Today everyone, with exception of my mother, knows exactly what CGI is and the role it plays in the movies we see. The same is happening behind the scenes with the storyboard. Adrien will clue us in on the new technologies and perhaps the death of the storyboard artist.



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