Howdy Ladies and Gents! Just wanted to throw up a mini-post before our coverage from the 2010′ New York Comicon. Last night My partner Chris Moshier (The Fan Film Follies) and I, had the unique pleasure of interviewing some of the creative forces (Jennifer Zhang, Hugh Jardon, and Will Magno) behind a witty, funny, and surprisingly entertaining Fan Film parody (There ain’t too many of em’), Street Fighter High-The Musical! Well, in record time, Chris Moshier has just posted the audio from the show! Visit The Fan Film Podcast today to hear all about this fantastic Fan Film from the creators themselves! And just to make your lives a little easier, and proving that I’m the nicest Fanboy around, I have posted part one and two of the film below. Thanks so much for being on our show gang 😉



Blinky Production’s Chris Notarile returns to Haddonfield with his latest Fan Film, Halloween -Season- Consume!!


Just got back from the 2010′ Big Apple Comicon with some unforgettable memories, and enough toys, comics, and schwag to fill The Hall Of Justice! I attended Saturday’s show at the historic Penn Plaza Pavilion, a change of venue from last years Big Apple Con at Pier 94. While not as big as the Pier, The Pavilion offers a more intimate setting, which is a good thing. You don’t have to travel as far to get what you need. Whether it’s getting that prized autograph, comics, toys, panels, bathrooms, etc. You find what you need fairly easy at the Pavilion. I’d also like to give a big thumbs up to the staff for their helpful assistance on Saturday.

As far as Star Power, quite a few were on hand Saturday. I personally spotted Burt Ward, Adam West, Herb Jefferson Jr., Ethan Van Sciver, Paul Levitz, Michael Golden, Doug Jones, Rob Liefeld, Jake Lloyd, and a big ol’ crowd in front of Mary McDonnell’s table. I never actually SAW her, but that wall of huddled humanity led me to believe she was there. Oops, forgot to mention my spotting of Six Million Dollar Man star, Richard Anderson holding up a mint in package action figure of his character, Oscar Goldman for a fans photo. I thought that was really cool micro-moment.

I was a little bummed not to catch a glimpse of Lee Majors, Walter Koenig, or the Brady Boys reunion. But I guess you win some, you lose some. Positives outweighed the negatives, and that’s what makes or breaks a Con. Thanks for the invite Wizard 🙂

For all of you Fan Film Podcast listeners out there, I have a couple of audible treats from the Con which I’m sure You’ll enjoy..A brief, and funny conversation with comic book artist Mike McKone. And of course, the audio from the Batman Reunion Panel with Adam West and Burt Ward. The panel also has a little story attached to it involving yours truly. I’m awesome..seriously, I am…forget it.

For a virtual con experience of sorts, I’ve posted some promo material from the show, including the cover to the Con exclusive Wizard magazine handed out at the show, featuring awesome art by the soon to be comic mega-star, Shane Davis! Check it out HERE. Consume!!