The final chapter in Gary Lobstein’s Dr. Fate fan serial is up and ripe for the viewin’! Check it out, and enjoy 🙂



Timberwolf Entertainment, and Director Tim Whitfield, are currently producing a brand new Friday The 13th Fan Film series set to a scare a whole new generation of campers, and horror fans alike, with the release of their new project, Friday The 13th-The Obsession. The Obsession will begin filming soon, all the latest details can be found on the series official Facebook page.

This new Fan Film series looks to put a spin on the standard Friday The 13th storyline with a female playing the lead role, a part originally cast for a male, and a plot that may be a a pleasant surprise to diehard fans of the original films, and fan films that came before.

Here is a raw synopsis straight from Timberwolf Entertainment…

“Obsession is about a obsessed fan of the Friday the 13th series, taking on Jason’s persona, so the actual ‘Jason Voorhees’ is only in 2 or 3 major sequences, and in scattered visions throughout…  with the ‘pseudo’ Jason taking on the killings in much of the rest of it.”

Sound cool? I thought so 🙂 even cooler is the fact that this film series was made possible by a loyal fan base that managed to raise well over it’s original budget of $500. Mr. Whitfield, and Timberwolf Entertainment, have kept the flood gates open with a new goal of $1,000. That would make this series the biggest Friday The 13th Fan project of all time! You can be a part of Fan Film History by donating to the cause.

The first episode of the series will more than likely be directed by Mr. Joe Patnaud, the man behind the incredible FT13th Fan Film, Friday The 13th-The Storm. In case You haven’t seen it, I’ve posted it along with this update for all to enjoy 🙂

For even more on this exciting new project you can check out the film’s official blog.

Have fun kids!

-Fanboy Will


Just checked out this Fan Trailer, Elfquest and it blew my mind! Awesome stuff indeed..You can find out more about the film by visiting the official website. This film, by Director’s Paula Rhodes, Stephanie Thorpe, and Duo Luna Productions is a a true labor of love from two lifetime Elfquest Fans, and it shows…

Beautifully shot, and true to the imagery in the Comic series, Elfquest is a true Gem. Amazing work folks!

-Fanboy Will


If You’ve read the previous post, you will know that Gary Lobstein has decided to add a third installment to his Dr. Fate Fan Film series, Dr. Fate Returns. As an FBT exclusive, Mr. Lobstein has kindly provided film stills from the film currently in production. Mr. Lobstein hasn’t released an official synopsis for the film as of yet, but He did provide Me with a rough idea of what to expect…”Dr. Fate, Question and Inza take on an avatar of Cthulhu to put the forces of chaos to rest for good.”

Thanks for sharing Gary, and best of luck with your film!

-Fanboy Will

New Fan Film Releases And Announcements!

Today’s post focuses on brand new Fan Film projects available now for all to enjoy. First up is The Badge And The Bat, a Batgirl Fan Film by Fair Amount Pictures, and 3 Block Radius, I mentioned in my previous post. You can check out the finished product below…Next up is a special announcement! Our old buddy Gary Lobstein (creator of the film’s – Hulk-Aftermath, Dr. Fate & The Crawling Chaos, and A Question of Fate) recently broke the news to FBT that the third addition to his Dr. Fate Fan Film trilogy (Dr.Fate Returns) is currently in production, and will be coming soon to a monitor near You! If You’re a fan of Mr. Lobstein’s work you should also check out an interview for The Fan Film Podcast, conducted by both Christopher Moshier (The Fan Film Follies) and Myself ,with our very special guest, You guessed it… Gary Lobstein! click HERE for the show. Out last entry of the day focus on Super Unofficial, A crew of filmmakers with an interesting concept in Fan Film storytelling. Read the official statement from SU’s Youtube page,

“THE FIVE FACES PROJECT is a new venture for Super Unofficial, an anthology of separate stories, each a stand-alone short film exploring the stories of five different, lower-level heroes in their own breakout stories. In five different cities, crime takes on five different forms and it will take five different heroes to battle it. Five heroes: The Shadow, Black Canary, Booster Gold, Robin, and Captain Marvel. Four unique and action-packed tales. One choice: Yours.”

I am pleased to announce that three of the above mentioned films are now posted on SU’s Youtube page! Click HERE for Booster Gold, HERE for The Shadow, and HERE for Black Canary! All of these films look great, I will be posting seperate reviews of each of the entries soon.


Wally World isn’t closed or anything, but We seem to be having some link problems in our Batman Fan Film section here at FBT. Please hang in there folks, I’m hoping to get them all fixed tonight.

-Fanboy Will


Two new  Batman fan films are coming your way! First up is, Agents Of Chaos, a film by David Sloan and Escape Pictures,  focusing on Batman’s impressive Rogues gallery. While you’re waiting, check out the newest trailer below! And the number two slot is occupied by Andrew Miller’s upcoming film, The Badge And The Bat. The film is in it’s final editing stages, and will be ready for 2011′ SUPERMAN CELEBRATION FAN FILM COMPETITION. Check out the poster for the film below, lookin’ good!