Fan Film Podcast Episode 79

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Mr. Roger King from Bag and Board Productions is another returning guest we’ve previously spoke with who we had on the Fan Film Podcast two years ago. When we first spoke with Roger his ambitious six part series was just premiering online with episode one. He has sense concluded releasing his epic Spider-Man fan films and joins us to give insight into the long production journey he embarked. He’ll certainly go down in the history books of the fan film archives producing what is the most ambitious Spidey fan film series to date.

You may of noticed this year the podcast episodes have been few and far between. I have to give a giant thank you to our very own JE Smith for the help in filling out those big gaps between Fan Film Follies Podcasts. The excuse for the lack of episodes is an easy answer…time. We’re working on a solution for that! Very soon we’ll be hosting the podcast live and unedited via TalkShoe every other week to be broadcast Wednesday or Thursday. We’ll have more details soon. This way instead of having to spend the time to edit, schedule guests, massively prepare…we’ll be able to open up the conversation to all fan film lovers.