Animated Doctor Who Treasure Found!

Yessir, I found these two animated Doctor Who Fan Films while trolling Youtube today, and thought I’d share them with you guys 🙂 … The films appear to be rather old, Early 80’s would be a safe guess. And the man behind the films would be, Mr. Christopher Cook. As I said, there are two films to check out, Doctor Who-The Hues Of Doom, and Doctor Who-Dial D For Dalek.

So sit back, grab some Jelly Babies, and enjoy these very fun films…



I have a couple of films in today’s update I’m sure you’ll enjoy. First up is Stephen Pfeil’s web-series, Meet The Justice League. The series is a parody that mixes the JLA with the comedy of the hit show, The Office. The five episode, first season of the show is currently available on Youtube. I have posted the first episode of the series below for your enjoyment. Mr. Pfeil promises that season two will outshine the first, I’ll certainly be watching 🙂

Next up We have a Star Wars Fan Film that’s been creating plenty of online buzz, Knight’s Of The Old Republic-Shadows Of Corruption.  The film, By Jared Seaich, is slated for a Fall 2011′ release. The film’s official Youtube page is fully loaded with teasers, trailers, and more material sure to wet your appetite in the meantime. Here is a synopsis of the film provided by the creators…

“Darth Revan continues his rule of tyranny in the galaxy. Conquering system after system the Sith Lord comes across the discovery of an ancient Sith artifact. He swiftly aims his resources to recover it in hopes to gain the advantage in the ever growing war. Republic intelligence catches wind of the artifacts existence and head to the planet Syres to try and recover it.”

Sounds good to Me 🙂 We’ll be keeping tabs on this one, as well as Mr. Pfeil’s, Justice League series, so stay tuned…


As we mentioned in our last post, a Marvel based Fan Film, Final Escalation, is currently in production. The Director of the film, Brian Gregory, was kind enough to provide us with some stills of the cast and crew of the film. I  put together a slideshow with the pics, I hope you enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the slideshow You might want to check out an earlier Fan Film by Mr. Gregory and the gang. This time around Gregory takes on the DC Universe with the film, Clash In The Knight. Consume!


We’ve got some new material today to pass around to all of you Fan Film Faithfuls out there…A Marvel Comics based Fan Film, Final Escalation, is currently in production, and brought to you by Together Brothers Productions. The film looks to  feature hard hitters from all over the Marvel Universe, I’m amped for ths one! Check out the teaser trailer for the film below. The Youtube page can be found HERE, and of course, The official Facebook page…

Batting in the #2 slot today is a movie by Writer/Director, Matt Eckholm. Questionable Content is the film, based on a web-comic of the same name. This film is currently in production. Here’s a short synopsis, available on the official Youtube page…

“Jeph Jacques’ webcomic is now a feature-length fan film! Marten Reed (Christian Calabrese) is stuck in-between two girls, his curvy roommate Faye (Erika Mathison) and local barista Dora (Solveig Swanson). As with most things in Marten’s life, hilarity ensues.”

The film is a little less serious than most Fan Films We feature here at FBT, providing a much needed breath of fresh air. View the newest trailer for the film below, and don’t forget to visit the official Facebook page. Very cool…

Have fun, but don’t make yourself go blind 🙂

-Fanboy Will