Just received this one via E-Mail the other day and I decided to share it with you lucky folks today! The film, Spider-Man 3 For All, is by Alexander Malamos, a brief synopsis of the film from it’s creators is available below. Enjoy!

“When Dr. Connors turns into the Lizard, he blames Peter Parker for helping him with the transformation (As seen in Spider-Man Vengeance). Meanwhile, Punisher thinks Spider-Man is the man who attacked a student, and aims to punish Spider-Man.

This is Alex Malamos, one of the minds behind this short – I just wanted to add that this movie was shot with a very low budget, as full-time college students, trying to make a decent movie in our final 4 months of school ever. Then a month or two later graduation.

I apologize for it not being the greatest quality in terms of…well, everything. Nonetheless, we had fun with it and knowing that info I hope all can enjoy it. I think the budget was around $155, not including the stuff I happened to have before it anyways, which would put it at $450. Compared to my other attempts at spiderman fan films, this was amazing. That’s what it was mostly for me. A personal record; leaving the other two ‘films’ in the dust. And I can safely say I did that.

I want to thank the youtube sound effect page for allowing me to use some of the effects available on his page. That page is located at http://www.youtube.com/user/SoundEffectsCapital. ”

Thank you!


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