BATMAN:REVENGE-Hold on to Your Bat Hats! This film is sure to make You say “How the Hell did He pull this off !?!” Coming to You from Producer & Director Jonathan Markiewitz is this all Lego stop motion film BATMAN:REVENGE. The story begins with The Riddler breaking out of Arkham Asylum. Once The Riddler and His crew return to the streets of Gotham they begin to wreak havoc as they rob the citizens blind. The Riddler has invented a new experimental brain device which He plans to use on innocent victims to test out. The city of Gotham knows that the only person capable of stopping Riddler and His gang of thugs is The Caped Crusader Himself, Batman! Batman races to the scene is the Batmobile but it appears that The Riddler Has gotten away, or Has He? It seems that in the middle of the chaos Riddler Has managed to capture commissioner Gordon to bring back to His underground base of operations. Will The Dark Knight track down The Prince Of Puzzles? Will commissioner Gordon live to see another day? The answers to these questions and more await You when You visit the official website HERE. Okay,Now for the review… I’ve done a short stop motion film Myself in College so I know how much work can go into a project like this so Jonathan gets credit up front. Mr. Markiewitz has created a believable little world complete with busy city streets and just the right amount of lightning to give the set a true Gotham mood. The film is definitely in the same vein as Tim Burton’s vision of the Caped Crusader complete with Danny Elfman soundtrack and a Batsuit and Batmoble noticeably inspired by the earlier Batman films. There is some nice camera work used in the film with all kinds of Zany angles that brings to mind some of the optical illusions used on the original Adam West Batman shows from the 60’s. This film is definitely an inspired piece of work by a true Batman Fan and it shows. The film has no dialogue but the soundtrack captures the mood and action making dialogue almost unnecessary like in an old movie serial. This film is one mighty impressive piece of work that You must see for Yourself to believe. Your hard work paid off Jonathan,  great job!



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