Hey folks, I apologize for my absence from the blog yesterday. To make up for this heinous  infraction most foul I’ve decided to make today’s FFOTD a genuine Double Feature! That’s right, two for the price of none! First up We have an awesome Star Wars Fan Film starring the smoothest space mack ever to sport a stache, Mr. Lando Calrissian! Our sincere thanks go out to Matthew Daley, cast, and crew for this hilarious Fan Film. Hitting in our clean-up position today, and keeping with with the Sci-Fi theme, I bring you Matthew Crott’s  Star Wars/ Mass Effect crossover Fan Film, Commander Shepard Vs. The Mandalorian! Enjoy Gang 🙂


Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Henry and Romo from The Geek Speak Show. I answered some basic questions about Fan Films, Fanboy Theatre, dropped a couple of names, and tried not too embarrass the Fan Film community too much. You can check out the show here Thanks for the love guys!


Hey Ladies and Gents, I decided to start up a new feature here on FBT that’s sure to satisfy all of you fellow Fan Film nuts out there, Fan Film Of The Day! FFOTD will spotlight a different Fan Film everyday from Action, to Horror, and everything in between.  Since life has been hectic of late I don’t get a chance to update as often as I used to, or would like to,  so FFOTD will be a great way to get your fix while I’m away.  For our very first installment of FFOTD I figured it would be a poetic move, of sorts, to go with a film by the Director of the very first Fan Film I have had the pleasure of reviewing, The Nightmare Ends On Halloween. The Director is Chris Notarile, The company is Blinky Productions, and the brand new film…DARKMAN! Hope you enjoy folks 🙂

-Fanboy Will


This is the second installment of our Christmas Special here at FBT, We hope you enjoy it 🙂

Films Featured: Christmas TaunTauns – by Matt Bagshaw, Ed Johnson, and Kirsty Dawson

A Very Arkham Christmas – by Ben Moody

Happy Holiday From Mr. J And Blinky Productions – by Chris Notarile


Hey Gang, Just wanted to let everyone know that Fanboy Theatre will once again be attending this years New York Comicon at the lovely Jacob Javits Center in New York City! Yep, This weekend I’ll be roaming the floors of the con, along with my FBT co-horts, looking for juicy interviews and HOPEFULLY, some fellow Fan Film peoples. If I haven’t already, I’m looking forward to meeting you all 🙂 Have fun at the con, and look out for those Cosplay swords, You’ll poke your eye out!!

-Fanboy Will


I have a couple of films in today’s update I’m sure you’ll enjoy. First up is Stephen Pfeil’s web-series, Meet The Justice League. The series is a parody that mixes the JLA with the comedy of the hit show, The Office. The five episode, first season of the show is currently available on Youtube. I have posted the first episode of the series below for your enjoyment. Mr. Pfeil promises that season two will outshine the first, I’ll certainly be watching 🙂

Next up We have a Star Wars Fan Film that’s been creating plenty of online buzz, Knight’s Of The Old Republic-Shadows Of Corruption.  The film, By Jared Seaich, is slated for a Fall 2011′ release. The film’s official Youtube page is fully loaded with teasers, trailers, and more material sure to wet your appetite in the meantime. Here is a synopsis of the film provided by the creators…

“Darth Revan continues his rule of tyranny in the galaxy. Conquering system after system the Sith Lord comes across the discovery of an ancient Sith artifact. He swiftly aims his resources to recover it in hopes to gain the advantage in the ever growing war. Republic intelligence catches wind of the artifacts existence and head to the planet Syres to try and recover it.”

Sounds good to Me 🙂 We’ll be keeping tabs on this one, as well as Mr. Pfeil’s, Justice League series, so stay tuned…


Set to Hit the internet next August is a different sort of Star Wars Fan Film, Plastic Galaxy-The Story Of Star Wars Toys! That’s right, this film will document the phenomena of Star Wars collectibles, and their legion of fans worldwide. Here are a few words from Brian Stillman (Director of the film), and X-Ray Films…

“When Star Wars landed in the theaters, it introduced audiences to a galaxy filled with heroes and villains, robots and space ships, and a dizzying variety of alien life. But when the lights came up, they all disappeared…

Unless you had all the toys. In which case, the adventure never had to end.

In backyards, playgrounds, basements, and bedrooms, Star Wars toys helped kids re-enact scenes from their favorite movies, and create entirely new dangers for Luke Skywalker and his friends to face. They were lusted after on holidays and birthdays, swapped with great cunning out on the school yard, and carefully collected like fine treasures. Like no toys before them, the action figures, space ships, play sets, and props were a phenomenon that swept the nation with as much force as the film that inspired them. Along the way they transformed both the toy and movie industries, earned those behind them vast amounts of wealth, and ultimately created a hobby that, 30 years later, still holds sway over not only the people who grew up with the toys, but also an entirely new generation of fans.

Plastic Galaxy is a documentary that explores the groundbreaking and breathtaking world of Star Wars toys. Through interviews with former Kenner employees, experts, authors, and collectors, it looks at the toys’ history, their influence, and the fond and fervent feelings they elicit today.”

I’m really excited about this one, being a Star Wars collector Myself 🙂 The film will be set for a DVD release date of August 2012. Until then please stop by the official home of the upcoming film HERE.


I thought this was too damn cool to keep to myself…..


Friday, Feb 05, 2010
Fan Film Podcast Episode 61

Welcome back to the FFP! It’s a new year, and we’re starting it off with a doubleheader! First up, Christopher Moshier (The Fan Film Follies) will be chewing the fat with Tim Brown. Tim stops by to tell us a little about the third annual Superman Celebration Fan Film Competition. For further details on the competition, and how you can be a part of it, check our previous entries below..

Our second guest is none other than Clutch, the man behind the brilliant new Star Wars Fan Film, currently blowing up the internet, Makazie One! Check out the film at the official website, and be sure to check out Tim’s newest project, The Butterfly Chronicles, by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

Listen to Episode 61 HERE, Enjoy!


Fanboy Will On, Fanboys…

Man O’ Man, This is my first time seeing a clip from the film, Fanboys, and I am torn…I am both a Trekkie, and a Warsie, So should I laugh?, or be mad?, perhaps both? I’m going to go with laughter, this clip is priceless! I hope you enjoy…