Continuing our Connecticut Con Tour FBT will be visiting the upcoming ComiCONN 2012′ on Saturday, August 18th in Trumbull Connecticut. More news to come, keep those pointed ears peeled…….

-Fanboy Will



As promised,  I’m back, and chock full of coverage from my day at ConnectiCon 2012′! I attended the Con on Saturday (June 14th) along with my good buddy/awesome artist/ Marshal Couture ( It was held at The Connecticut Convention Center, in Hartford Connecticut, June 13th-15th.

ConnectiCon was billed as a ‘Multi-Genre’ convention, and it was in many ways. Cos-Players were in abundance, gaming tables were everywhere, Anime panels & screenings of upcoming films were showing, and the general vibe of the Con was great, but a lack of comic book culture left Marshal and I feeling like strangers in a strange land.

Don’t get me  wrong, I support Geekdom, and its many incarnations, but comic books just happen to be MY thing. A Handful of Comic Artists and vendors were present, and we had the pleasure of getting to know a few of them (shouts to: Stacie Ponder, Sticky Comics, Mike Costello & Tina Pratt, Joe Hill, Kristilyn, Garth Cameron Graham, John McDowell, David Woodward, Dern & O-Abnormal, Nick Palazzo, Out At Home Comics, and Zack Finfrock) I just hope that comic book culture will be a bigger presence at ConnectiCon 2013′.

Marshal and I had a great time overall. The convention hall was spacious, allowing for easier navigation around the Con (I’m used to the madness of NYC Comic Conventions)  There was also a large seating/rest area (to take a break from the action), and we scored ourselves some cool swag to boot! I highly recommend attending next year’s Connecticon if you are into any of the above, it’s the little Con that offers a lot. Thanks for having us as your guests ConnectiCon 2012′! We’ll be back  😉

PS-Check out some pics from our adventure at ConnectiCon 2012′ below, and make sure to drop by Marshal’s podcast for even more coverage of the event.

-Fanboy Will

Heading into Hartford

About to pick up our press passes

The Keys To the Kingdom

Swag pile

Marshal busted out this awesome sketchcard at the Con

Awesome leather masks by David Woodward

Sweet Tron print I picked up from the folks at


Well, not quite…I have been gone five whole months due to personal reasons. Things have changed in my life (some good, some painful) that made me realize a big change is in order. Therefore, I will not be able to update Fanboy Theatre as much as I’d like to. So, I’ve considered taking on a team of fellow fan film journalists to provide new material on a more regular basis. If you would be interested in helping out FBT, please drop me a line at I am looking for fan film reviews, fan film news (projects in the works, etc.), comic book projects, comic book reviews, and anything else you might think worthy of a mention here at FBT. I look forward to hearing from You Guys and Gals! 🙂

In other news, I will be attending ConnectiCon on Saturday July 14th along with my good buddy, and fellow Fanboy, Marshall Couture. I’m pretty psyched to cover this event, being it’s the first convention i have covered outside New York. So come on down to The Connecticut Convention Center and get your Geek on with Us! See ya’ there folks!


Fanboy Will


Hey Gang, Today’s Fan Film Of The Day is a little different….Star Trek-Aurora, an entirely computer animated Fan Film series by Tim Vining, chronicles the adventures of Kara Carpenter and her new (and only) Vulcan first mate T’Linge, crew of the Starship Aurora.Each and every installment of this series are truly incredible pieces of work, I’m sure you’ll agree. Below you will find all installments of the film compiled into a full length feature. Enjoy, live long, and prosper….

Get Ready for the Next Great G.I. Joe Fan Film, G.I. JOE: INITIATE!


Get Ready for the Next Great G.I. Joe Fan Film, G.I. JOE: INITIATE!.


Today’s FFOTD shines the spotlight on one of Japans most revered Manga, and Anime characters, Sailor Moon! Thanks to some impressive visual effects, a rousing original musical score, and staying true to the original shows formula, DGS Studios hit this one out of the park! Enjoy Everyone 🙂!/sailormoonfilm


Today it’s time for the ladies to kick some ass on FFOTD. Our first feature today is from a long time supporter, and good friend of Fanboy Theatre, Ms. Amber Moelter! Some of you may be familiar with Amber’s work on her first Fan Film, Catwoman-Copycat. Her follow up to that same film, Catwoman-Resolution  is what we will be screening today.The film was directed by Colin Blakeston, and stars Amber as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Recentlty Amber has Her started up Her own Independent Media Company, ALM Talkies. Some of her first projects with the producton company are new additions to Her Catwoman Fan Film series. Her newest Catwoman feature, Catwoman-Re-Emergence is also featured below. Lookin’ good Amber, keep on keepin’ on with the Catwoman goodness 🙂 Enjoy everyone!

-Fanboy Will