Today’s FFOTD is an oldie, but a goodie, from the Godfather of Fan Films Himself, Mr. Donald F. Glut. Atomic Man Vs. Martian Invaders was made way back in 1967, But Glut’s camera work, and all around creativity, make this short a true classic. You can check out Mr. Glut’s website here

If You would like to hear an interview with Mr. Glut I conducted for My podcast (The Fan Film Podcast)  along with fellow Fan Film maven Chris Moshier ( Please click HERE.

Enjoy til’ your head explodes!!



Hey Gang, It’s been awhile since I’ve posted due to an evil cold/Flu/Bronchial thing i caught in October. Unfortunately It started the second day of the 2011′ New York Comicon  leaving me useless. Due to the severity of my condition I had to make the con a two day only event, leaving me with a handful of pictures, some memories, and unfortunately, no interviews… The cold has lasted over a month now but I’m slowly recovering day by day.

In other news, I also managed to attend, and take part in, the 2011′ Asbury Park Zombie Walk in Asbury Park NJ. I have pictures of the event, along with pics from the first annual NJ Zombie Walk Undead Festival, available for your viewing pleasure HERE.

In closing today, We mourn the passing of The Fan Film Podcast, The show I co-host with Christopher Moshier (The Fan Film Follies), once called home, but after hosting 79 episodes of our show the site will be closing it’s doors for good on December 1st. The FFP can now be found at our new home on Talkshoe. Thanks for the memories Guys 🙂

Next update: It’s back to business covering the world of Fan Films with new releases from Chris Notarile, Fan Film reviews, and more!


While Fanboy Will has been away, the Fan Film community has been finishing films, and/or working on them, left and right! I am quite behind, so please forgive Me for some of the long overdue reviews, and announcements in this update. We’ll start with the new stuff first…Well, It was bound to happen, and it has! Our own, Christopher Moshier (also the head honcho behind Fan Film Follies) has nearly completed his very own Indiana Jones Fan Film! Chris has been working with Director, B. Anthony Gibson, and crew, on a prequel film to Gibson’s 2009′ film, Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Apalachee. The new film, Indiana Jones And The Legend Of Bimini is currently in production in Rochester N.Y., with Mr. Moshier serving as Location Manager. A not so easy undertake considering it’s an Indiana Jones Fan film. I think what I’ve seen thus far looks great, and I have every bit of faith in Mr. Gibson, Moshier, and crew to hit this one out of the park! You can help the cause by visiting the official webpage for the film HERE .   Meanwhile, Enjoy a trailer for, Indiana Jones And The Secret Of The Apalachee. Consume!

Now, on to the rest of the Fan Film Fun! First up is our old pal Chris Notarile, head honcho over at Chris has just released two brand new Horror Fan Films based on two of the most popular Horror franchises in cinematic History, Friday The 13th, and Nightmare On Elm Street. Notarile decides to take a different approach this time. Both new films, Krueger-A Tale From Elmstreet, and Voorhees-Born On a Friday, are ‘Year One’ type stories, briefly exploring the evil roots of Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees. Check them both out today in the FBT Screening Room!

Up next, Yet another Fan Film based on everyone’s favorite little boy gone wrong, Jason Voorhees! Friday The XIII-Resurrection, a film by Peter Murfet, is currently available for your viewing pleasure on Youtube. Click HERE for the carnage…

Much More coming your way tomorrow, as FBT’s Updateapalooza rolls on……Be here!


Fan Film Podcast Episode 79

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Mr. Roger King from Bag and Board Productions is another returning guest we’ve previously spoke with who we had on the Fan Film Podcast two years ago. When we first spoke with Roger his ambitious six part series was just premiering online with episode one. He has sense concluded releasing his epic Spider-Man fan films and joins us to give insight into the long production journey he embarked. He’ll certainly go down in the history books of the fan film archives producing what is the most ambitious Spidey fan film series to date.

You may of noticed this year the podcast episodes have been few and far between. I have to give a giant thank you to our very own JE Smith for the help in filling out those big gaps between Fan Film Follies Podcasts. The excuse for the lack of episodes is an easy answer…time. We’re working on a solution for that! Very soon we’ll be hosting the podcast live and unedited via TalkShoe every other week to be broadcast Wednesday or Thursday. We’ll have more details soon. This way instead of having to spend the time to edit, schedule guests, massively prepare…we’ll be able to open up the conversation to all fan film lovers.

New Fan Film Releases And Announcements!

Today’s post focuses on brand new Fan Film projects available now for all to enjoy. First up is The Badge And The Bat, a Batgirl Fan Film by Fair Amount Pictures, and 3 Block Radius, I mentioned in my previous post. You can check out the finished product below…Next up is a special announcement! Our old buddy Gary Lobstein (creator of the film’s – Hulk-Aftermath, Dr. Fate & The Crawling Chaos, and A Question of Fate) recently broke the news to FBT that the third addition to his Dr. Fate Fan Film trilogy (Dr.Fate Returns) is currently in production, and will be coming soon to a monitor near You! If You’re a fan of Mr. Lobstein’s work you should also check out an interview for The Fan Film Podcast, conducted by both Christopher Moshier (The Fan Film Follies) and Myself ,with our very special guest, You guessed it… Gary Lobstein! click HERE for the show. Out last entry of the day focus on Super Unofficial, A crew of filmmakers with an interesting concept in Fan Film storytelling. Read the official statement from SU’s Youtube page,

“THE FIVE FACES PROJECT is a new venture for Super Unofficial, an anthology of separate stories, each a stand-alone short film exploring the stories of five different, lower-level heroes in their own breakout stories. In five different cities, crime takes on five different forms and it will take five different heroes to battle it. Five heroes: The Shadow, Black Canary, Booster Gold, Robin, and Captain Marvel. Four unique and action-packed tales. One choice: Yours.”

I am pleased to announce that three of the above mentioned films are now posted on SU’s Youtube page! Click HERE for Booster Gold, HERE for The Shadow, and HERE for Black Canary! All of these films look great, I will be posting seperate reviews of each of the entries soon.


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Kellen Gibbs is a Fan Film Podcast first. He’s the only one we’ve interviewed that makes a return appearance to the show. First time out we discussed his Harry Potter fan film “James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing”. Now we have the sequel titled “James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper”. Both films are actually based on fan film fiction series written by the very talented Mister George Norman Lippert who appeared with Kellen on our aforementioned show. This time out composer Isaias Garcia joins Kellen to discuss his contributions to the James Potter world.


James Potter Fan Fiction
James Potter Fan Film
Composer Isaias Garcia
Fan Film Podcast #59


Fan Film Podcast 76

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As Mr. Moshier and Fanboy Will take a brief break from podcasting (come back soon, gentlemen!), it falls to me, JE Smith, to provide the first podcast of the new year, and the first Doctor Who-themed podcast here at Fan Film Follies! Our guest for this installment is John Reid Adams, the star, writer, and co-producer of the outstanding new fan film A Survivor’s Triangle, which can be seen here. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading now and go watch! It is one of the most impressive efforts of the past few years.

Thanks to our good pal David Nagel in the UK who did a little bit of cleanup on the audio.