Hey folks, I apologize for my absence from the blog yesterday. To make up for this heinous  infraction most foul I’ve decided to make today’s FFOTD a genuine Double Feature! That’s right, two for the price of none! First up We have an awesome Star Wars Fan Film starring the smoothest space mack ever to sport a stache, Mr. Lando Calrissian! Our sincere thanks go out to Matthew Daley, cast, and crew for this hilarious Fan Film. Hitting in our clean-up position today, and keeping with with the Sci-Fi theme, I bring you Matthew Crott’s  Star Wars/ Mass Effect crossover Fan Film, Commander Shepard Vs. The Mandalorian! Enjoy Gang 🙂



Howdy Ladies and Gents! Just wanted to throw up a mini-post before our coverage from the 2010′ New York Comicon. Last night My partner Chris Moshier (The Fan Film Follies) and I, had the unique pleasure of interviewing some of the creative forces (Jennifer Zhang, Hugh Jardon, and Will Magno) behind a witty, funny, and surprisingly entertaining Fan Film parody (There ain’t too many of em’), Street Fighter High-The Musical! Well, in record time, Chris Moshier has just posted the audio from the show! Visit The Fan Film Podcast today to hear all about this fantastic Fan Film from the creators themselves! And just to make your lives a little easier, and proving that I’m the nicest Fanboy around, I have posted part one and two of the film below. Thanks so much for being on our show gang 😉