Back From ComiCONN 2012′!


What’s good Universe?! I’m back as promised with my coverage of the 2012′ ComicCONN. The Convention was held in Trumbull Connecticut, and My partner in crime was fellow Artist, Fanboy, and MC Champion, Marshal Calmplex Couture! For our audio coverage of the con, made possible by Marshal’s, Escape Artist Podcast please click HERE. We had a great time, Thanks for having us ComiCONN, See Ya’ in 2013′! 🙂

-Fanboy Will



Continuing our Connecticut Con Tour FBT will be visiting the upcoming ComiCONN 2012′ on Saturday, August 18th in Trumbull Connecticut. More news to come, keep those pointed ears peeled…….

-Fanboy Will


As promised,  I’m back, and chock full of coverage from my day at ConnectiCon 2012′! I attended the Con on Saturday (June 14th) along with my good buddy/awesome artist/ Marshal Couture ( It was held at The Connecticut Convention Center, in Hartford Connecticut, June 13th-15th.

ConnectiCon was billed as a ‘Multi-Genre’ convention, and it was in many ways. Cos-Players were in abundance, gaming tables were everywhere, Anime panels & screenings of upcoming films were showing, and the general vibe of the Con was great, but a lack of comic book culture left Marshal and I feeling like strangers in a strange land.

Don’t get me  wrong, I support Geekdom, and its many incarnations, but comic books just happen to be MY thing. A Handful of Comic Artists and vendors were present, and we had the pleasure of getting to know a few of them (shouts to: Stacie Ponder, Sticky Comics, Mike Costello & Tina Pratt, Joe Hill, Kristilyn, Garth Cameron Graham, John McDowell, David Woodward, Dern & O-Abnormal, Nick Palazzo, Out At Home Comics, and Zack Finfrock) I just hope that comic book culture will be a bigger presence at ConnectiCon 2013′.

Marshal and I had a great time overall. The convention hall was spacious, allowing for easier navigation around the Con (I’m used to the madness of NYC Comic Conventions)  There was also a large seating/rest area (to take a break from the action), and we scored ourselves some cool swag to boot! I highly recommend attending next year’s Connecticon if you are into any of the above, it’s the little Con that offers a lot. Thanks for having us as your guests ConnectiCon 2012′! We’ll be back  😉

PS-Check out some pics from our adventure at ConnectiCon 2012′ below, and make sure to drop by Marshal’s podcast for even more coverage of the event.

-Fanboy Will

Heading into Hartford

About to pick up our press passes

The Keys To the Kingdom

Swag pile

Marshal busted out this awesome sketchcard at the Con

Awesome leather masks by David Woodward

Sweet Tron print I picked up from the folks at


Just checked out this Fan Trailer, Elfquest and it blew my mind! Awesome stuff indeed..You can find out more about the film by visiting the official website. This film, by Director’s Paula Rhodes, Stephanie Thorpe, and Duo Luna Productions is a a true labor of love from two lifetime Elfquest Fans, and it shows…

Beautifully shot, and true to the imagery in the Comic series, Elfquest is a true Gem. Amazing work folks!

-Fanboy Will


Just got back from the 2010′ Big Apple Comicon with some unforgettable memories, and enough toys, comics, and schwag to fill The Hall Of Justice! I attended Saturday’s show at the historic Penn Plaza Pavilion, a change of venue from last years Big Apple Con at Pier 94. While not as big as the Pier, The Pavilion offers a more intimate setting, which is a good thing. You don’t have to travel as far to get what you need. Whether it’s getting that prized autograph, comics, toys, panels, bathrooms, etc. You find what you need fairly easy at the Pavilion. I’d also like to give a big thumbs up to the staff for their helpful assistance on Saturday.

As far as Star Power, quite a few were on hand Saturday. I personally spotted Burt Ward, Adam West, Herb Jefferson Jr., Ethan Van Sciver, Paul Levitz, Michael Golden, Doug Jones, Rob Liefeld, Jake Lloyd, and a big ol’ crowd in front of Mary McDonnell’s table. I never actually SAW her, but that wall of huddled humanity led me to believe she was there. Oops, forgot to mention my spotting of Six Million Dollar Man star, Richard Anderson holding up a mint in package action figure of his character, Oscar Goldman for a fans photo. I thought that was really cool micro-moment.

I was a little bummed not to catch a glimpse of Lee Majors, Walter Koenig, or the Brady Boys reunion. But I guess you win some, you lose some. Positives outweighed the negatives, and that’s what makes or breaks a Con. Thanks for the invite Wizard 🙂

For all of you Fan Film Podcast listeners out there, I have a couple of audible treats from the Con which I’m sure You’ll enjoy..A brief, and funny conversation with comic book artist Mike McKone. And of course, the audio from the Batman Reunion Panel with Adam West and Burt Ward. The panel also has a little story attached to it involving yours truly. I’m awesome..seriously, I am…forget it.

For a virtual con experience of sorts, I’ve posted some promo material from the show, including the cover to the Con exclusive Wizard magazine handed out at the show, featuring awesome art by the soon to be comic mega-star, Shane Davis! Check it out HERE. Consume!!


I was recently contacted by Mr. Richard Kuta regarding His animated Fan Film, currently in pre-production, starring video game icon, Sonic The Hedgehog! It looks to be one Hell of a tribute to The Blue Blur in all of his past, and present incarnations. The film has passed the pre-production stage as of spring, read below to see how you can help Mr. Kuta and crew finish this project. We love to help out fellow Fan Filmmakers whenever We can here at FBT, so please read the release in it’s entirety to see If you can lend a hand in any way. You can also view the first trailer for the film below, along with the official website links.  And as usual, We will keep you guys up to date on this films progress…

Over 5 years ago, I began development for a full length animated film centered on the popular video game character Sonic the Hedgehog. It garnered the attention from Sega of America and Universal Pictures but was rejected by Sega’s Japanese branch in 2007. After receiving the devastating news, the project soldiered on as an independent fan film.

The intent for this production is to incorporate elements from the comic books, cartoon shows, and video games to tell a compelling story of the blue blur. The feature will journey through a retrospective of Sonic’s history by exploring surrealistic landscapes that are reminiscent of the 16-bit era. Getting acquainted with other Sonic’s laundry list of friends from Tails, Princess Sally, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Shadow and many more. Sharing the emotional victories over the defeat of the sinister dictator Dr Robotnik and his robotic army. Re-introducing the Chaos Emeralds, their mystic power, and how it transformed Sonic into Super Sonic.
Pre-production has been completed since Spring 2010 which consists of a script, storyboards, artwork, outlines, descriptions, and voice recordings. Samples are posted for view in the “Gallery” section and more will surface in the near future. All the groundwork has been laid out we are ready to proceed to the next phase…..ANIMATION!
The style we’re implementing is a 2D hand drawn style fused with CGI FX that recaptures the magic of classic Disney/Don Bluth films and the nostalgia of the 90’s Saturday Morning cartoon series (SatAM). We’ve diligently planned everything out to ensure it would be an animated experience that everyone can enjoy since the people involved hold an encyclopedic knowledge of the franchise and have stayed faithful to the source material.

In July 2010, I partnered with a new studio and animation director who are anxious to work on this ambitious epic as new animation tests are currently underway.
NOTE: If we raise $1,500, we can have an animated sequence of the film completed in a 1 month duration! Not only that, the animation will be different and more polished from the 2009 trailer since the project is under a new umbrella.
On behalf of our humble crew, we collectively appreciate your expressed interest in our “way past cool” film and hope we can accomplish our goal after all the hard efforts that have been employed. Who knows, maybe we can get it screened in select theaters in things really pan out. And yes, there are sequels already outlined!
Furthernote, Im dedicating this project to the loving memory of Ben Hurst; writer of the SatAM cartoon show. He was a continuing source of inspiration growing up and the reason I wanted to pursue animation and multimedia. He was a treasured icon in the Sonic community and will be solely missed.
If anyone has questions, comments, or feedback please contact me directly at the following:

Skype: richiethechipmunk
AIM: johnhughesending
This is a non-profit fan film developed for entertainment purposes. Sonic and all related characters are property of SEGA, DiC/Cookie Jar Entertainment, and Archie Publications. All Rights Reserved.



Atlantis Studios Releases Paula Peril and The Invisible Evil
September 17, 2010
Suwanee, Georgia – Atlantis Studios released today Paula Peril and The Invisible Evil, the all-new live action movie based on the popular comic book The Adventures of Paula Peril. The film stars fan favorite Valerie Perez (Universal Dead), Matt Perello (The Vampire Diaries), and co-stars Marla Malcom (2001 Maniacs), Perry Poston (Unspeakable), and Stacey Turner (The Blind Side). Fans can order the film for download, or the Collector’s Edition DVD for $12.95 at

In The Invisible Evil, intrepid reporter Paula “Peril” Perillo (Valerie Perez) and photographer Jimmy Smith (Matt Perello) investigate the murders of two mobsters in a mysterious downtown building. Unfortunately, Paula soon finds herself in the clutches of her enemies, uncovering a more deadly secret than she had ever suspected.

Benjamin Barak, well known for his work at Comedy Central and the Turner network, directed this latest chapter using a team from the Atlanta area. “It’s incredible the talent that we were able to bring to this film, both in front and behind the camera”, said Ben, “we’re grateful to everyone who pitched in to make this episode of Paula Peril come to life!”

For the latest on Paula Peril movies and comics, visit:
About Paula Peril
The Adventures of Paula Peril is an original comic book series inspired by pulp detective stories, cliffhanger serials, and plucky teen sleuth mysteries. It was first published in February 2006 and has since become Atlantis Studios best-selling original title. The series has been adapted into two short films (Trapped in the Flames and Mystery of the Crystal Falcon).  Both of these previous episodes are still available for sale on DVD or via online download.
About Atlantis Studios
Atlantis Studios is a Georgia-based sequential arts studio specializing in comics and graphic novels for science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure licensed properties. Since its creation in 1997, Atlantis Studios has created, published, or produced over 160 published works, many of them developed exclusively for clients in the film and television industry.