HEY HEY HEY, It’s Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Albert! Nope, just me Fanboy ūüôā Today on FBT We shine the spotlight on Cult Retro Cinema’s superhero, and saturday serial style¬†films. For those of you not in the know, Cult Retro Cinema was founded by none other than Mr. Bill Black. Mr. Black also happens to be¬†the president of AC Comics, The independent comics giant¬†behind such titles as, Captain Paragon, Commando D, Sentinels Of Justice, Nightveil,¬†And their longest running, and most popular title,¬†¬†Femforce. AC Comics is also known for it’s re-prints of lost Golden Age comics from the Superhero, and Western genres.

Fueled by his love of Movie Serials from the Golden Age, Retro Sci-Fi cinema, and B-Films, Mr. Black has decided to pursue an old passion of his, Filmmaking. With the birth of Cult Retro, Mr. Black’s comic book universe gets the live -action treatment in the form of original serial style short films starring some of his most popular characters.¬†Today on FBT I will be reviewing three of Mr. Blacks films including..The Return Nyoka The Jungle Girl, Nightveil-The Sorcerer’s Eye, and The Blue Bulleteer-Captured By The Cloak. Check out all three write-up’s in the Reviews section. Make sure to stop by Cult Retro’s website today, and pick up some DVD’s while you’re there ūüôā Enjoy!