Hey Ladies and Gents, I decided to start up a new feature here on FBT that’s sure to satisfy all of you fellow Fan Film nuts out there, Fan Film Of The Day! FFOTD will spotlight a different Fan Film everyday from Action, to Horror, and everything in between.  Since life has been hectic of late I don’t get a chance to update as often as I used to, or would like to,  so FFOTD will be a great way to get your fix while I’m away.  For our very first installment of FFOTD I figured it would be a poetic move, of sorts, to go with a film by the Director of the very first Fan Film I have had the pleasure of reviewing, The Nightmare Ends On Halloween. The Director is Chris Notarile, The company is Blinky Productions, and the brand new film…DARKMAN! Hope you enjoy folks 🙂

-Fanboy Will

Animated Doctor Who Treasure Found!

Yessir, I found these two animated Doctor Who Fan Films while trolling Youtube today, and thought I’d share them with you guys 🙂 … The films appear to be rather old, Early 80’s would be a safe guess. And the man behind the films would be, Mr. Christopher Cook. As I said, there are two films to check out, Doctor Who-The Hues Of Doom, and Doctor Who-Dial D For Dalek.

So sit back, grab some Jelly Babies, and enjoy these very fun films…


Fan Film Podcast 76

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As Mr. Moshier and Fanboy Will take a brief break from podcasting (come back soon, gentlemen!), it falls to me, JE Smith, to provide the first podcast of the new year, and the first Doctor Who-themed podcast here at Fan Film Follies! Our guest for this installment is John Reid Adams, the star, writer, and co-producer of the outstanding new fan film A Survivor’s Triangle, which can be seen here. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading now and go watch! It is one of the most impressive efforts of the past few years.

Thanks to our good pal David Nagel in the UK who did a little bit of cleanup on the audio.


Hello Hello, I am back as promised with a Gigant-a-mundo Fan Film update just for You! (pointing at Everyone) Let’s start with some Fan Films that are playing now…First up is the recently released Doctor Who Fan Film by John Adams, Doctor Who-A Survivor’s Triangle. Also available for your immediate viewing pleasure, The Rat (A Batman Fan Film) by Films Entire and James Fabrigar, Spider-Man:Asylum, A film brought to you by X-Men:District-X Director, Jacopo, Harry Potter Fan Film, James Potter And The Case Of The Gatekeeper, And a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan Film currently tearing up the internet, Fight The Foot! Have fun 🙂