Hey Ladies and Gents, I decided to start up a new feature here on FBT that’s sure to satisfy all of you fellow Fan Film nuts out there, Fan Film Of The Day! FFOTD will spotlight a different Fan Film everyday from Action, to Horror, and everything in between.  Since life has been hectic of late I don’t get a chance to update as often as I used to, or would like to,  so FFOTD will be a great way to get your fix while I’m away.  For our very first installment of FFOTD I figured it would be a poetic move, of sorts, to go with a film by the Director of the very first Fan Film I have had the pleasure of reviewing, The Nightmare Ends On Halloween. The Director is Chris Notarile, The company is Blinky Productions, and the brand new film…DARKMAN! Hope you enjoy folks 🙂

-Fanboy Will



I have a couple of films in today’s update I’m sure you’ll enjoy. First up is Stephen Pfeil’s web-series, Meet The Justice League. The series is a parody that mixes the JLA with the comedy of the hit show, The Office. The five episode, first season of the show is currently available on Youtube. I have posted the first episode of the series below for your enjoyment. Mr. Pfeil promises that season two will outshine the first, I’ll certainly be watching 🙂

Next up We have a Star Wars Fan Film that’s been creating plenty of online buzz, Knight’s Of The Old Republic-Shadows Of Corruption.  The film, By Jared Seaich, is slated for a Fall 2011′ release. The film’s official Youtube page is fully loaded with teasers, trailers, and more material sure to wet your appetite in the meantime. Here is a synopsis of the film provided by the creators…

“Darth Revan continues his rule of tyranny in the galaxy. Conquering system after system the Sith Lord comes across the discovery of an ancient Sith artifact. He swiftly aims his resources to recover it in hopes to gain the advantage in the ever growing war. Republic intelligence catches wind of the artifacts existence and head to the planet Syres to try and recover it.”

Sounds good to Me 🙂 We’ll be keeping tabs on this one, as well as Mr. Pfeil’s, Justice League series, so stay tuned…


The final chapter in Gary Lobstein’s Dr. Fate fan serial is up and ripe for the viewin’! Check it out, and enjoy 🙂