Hey Gang, We are back with another installment of Fanboy Fodder. Fanboy Fodder is where you will find non-Fan Film related material, including comic book and DVD reviews. Since we are a Fanboy friendly site, I believe today’s review will be right up your alley. That’s right, fellow fan of geek culture, Seth McFarlane, is back with volume nine of  his hit Fox TV animated series, Family Guy.                                                                                                                       

Volume Nine comes jam packed with goodness, including 13 episodes, the full length whodunit “And Then There were Fewer”, an episode of The Family guy spinoff: The Cleveland Show, The History Of the World According to Family Guy, The Family Guy panel from the 2010′ San Diego Comicon, The making of “And Then There Were Fewer”, Cast and Crew commentary, and more!

All of the offensive, nonsensical, witty, and just plain hilarious humor you’ve come to know and love from the show is ever present in volume nine. It’s hard to pick a favorite episode, so here are just a few of mine from the three DVD set: “Business Guy” That has Peter taking over Pewterschmidt Industries after Mr. Pewterschmidt  slips into a Bachelor Party induced coma,  “Peter Ass-Ment” In which Peter is sexually harassed by his female boss at work, “Brian & Stewie” a surprisingly heartfelt episode that has Brian and Stewie re-evaluate their relationship after being locked in a bank vault, and finally “Welcome Back, Carter” That has Peter discovering Carter Pewterschmidt’s dirty secret, and trying his best to keep quiet. Those are just a few of my faves, I truthfully enjoyed just about every episode included in this volume.

Family Guy is known for it’s slew of guest stars, and volume nine is no exception. Fan fave, James Woods stars in “And Then There Were Fewer”, Rush Limbaugh stars in “Excellence In Broadcasting”,  also look for appearances by Jason Mraz, Elijah Wood, Cheryl Tiegs, Jenna Jameson, Patrick Stewart, Richard  Dreyfuss, and Charlie Sheen to name a few.

Volume nine is also uncensored, this just ads to the hilarity for Me. Hearing Stewie and Brian cuss is the icing on the low brow humor cake. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this three DVD set just as much as I did. Pick it up today and proceed to laugh your ass off.

-Fanboy Will



I thought this was too damn cool to keep to myself…..


Monday, January 4, 2010


Hey Folks, Welcome to the first installment of Fanboy Fodder. Fanboy Fodder is a random entry that is Fanboy friendly, but not related to Fan Films. Today’s entry is all about my recent trip to The Dollar Tree! Normally a trip to the dollar store is a guilty pleasure that is nothing to write home about, but on this particular day I discovered some buried treasure in the form of comic books, and trading cards! The comics were in mystery packs, containing 2-3 older comics, and a random non-sports trading card. Here’s a list of the comics I scored in 5 packs…Fantastic Four #247, The Iron Manual #1 (An Iron Man Tech guide), The Micronauts #57, Terminator 2-Judgement Day:Cybernetic Dawn #1, The New Mutants #32, Air Raiders #1, Teen Titans Spotlight #18, Xena Warrior Princess & Joxer Warrior Prince #1, And Secret Wars II #9. The cards included in the packs included were two Wolverine cards, one Batman movie card (Tim Burton film), a Valiant Comics card, and a Marvel Comics foil card. Check out the pics of the actual items below…And now, Here are the sealed non-sports trading card packs I acquired from the mystery card packs….The Mask-Movie Cards, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II-The Secret Of The Ooze-Movie Cards, Muppets Take The Ice cards, and Garfield Collection cards from Pacific

Not too shabby… Just goes to show you that you never know what you’ll find at your local dollar store.