Since you’ve been such good Girls and Boys while Fanboy Will was away, I’ve decided to treat you to an extra special treat today…Today’s FFOTD is an action packed, ultra-violent tribute to America’s favorite highly trained special missions force, G.I. JOE! G.I. JOE: Operation Red Retrieval is the brainchild of Director Mark Cheng and takes no prisoners when it comes to the gritty Military realism, and the true ugliness of warfare. Yep, This ain’t the Joe you watched as a kid, but it does feature many of the characters from the show, and, SURPRISE SURPRISE they are actually dressed like their animated counterparts 🙂 If only Hollywood could take a hint from Mr. Cheng and crew…Oh well…Great job Mark! I truly feel your love, and passion for G.I. JOE all throughout this film. From one Joe fan to another, Thank you Sir 🙂 One final note..This Fan Film is NOT for the little ones, so before viewing throw on Toy Story in the next room or something..Now, sit back and enjoy!

PS-The surprise ending is killer!

-Fanboy Will

Be sure to stop by the official website for the film for even more Joe goodness…..