Today’s FFOTD is a spooky little number from Director Dave McRae. McRae’s, Halloween-Black Eyes, manages to capture the fear and suspense of John Carpenter’s original 1978 film and cram it into a bite-sized fan feature. So turn off the lights, lock the doors, and enjoy…….



Today’s FFOTD is soaked in blood, and brought to you by Trent Duncan. Prepare for the epic carnage that is…JVL-Jason Vs. Leatherface! Have fun 🙂


Hey Ladies and Gents, I decided to start up a new feature here on FBT that’s sure to satisfy all of you fellow Fan Film nuts out there, Fan Film Of The Day! FFOTD will spotlight a different Fan Film everyday from Action, to Horror, and everything in between.  Since life has been hectic of late I don’t get a chance to update as often as I used to, or would like to,  so FFOTD will be a great way to get your fix while I’m away.  For our very first installment of FFOTD I figured it would be a poetic move, of sorts, to go with a film by the Director of the very first Fan Film I have had the pleasure of reviewing, The Nightmare Ends On Halloween. The Director is Chris Notarile, The company is Blinky Productions, and the brand new film…DARKMAN! Hope you enjoy folks 🙂

-Fanboy Will

Updates And Other Treats…

I’m back as promised, and I’ve got coolness galore to share! We’ll start with Mr. Chris Notarile of Blinky Productions fame…Chris has been one busy beaver, cranking out numerous quality Fan Films over the last couple of months. Notarile returns to His Horror roots with the releases of, The Nightmare Ends On Halloween II, and Myers-Rise Of The Boogeyman. You can enjoy these films below, along with Daredevil 83′, Notarile’s take on Marvel Comics beloved Man Without Fear. Speaking of the Dare-Devil, Yet another Fan Film has surfaced featuring the crimson clad hero brought to you by Will Devokees. This film can be seen HERE.

In other news, If You like Horror Fan Film You’re in luck! Two new films are available online to satisfy your thirst for blood, and to tickle your funny bone..Evil Dead:Vendetta is an online fan series serving as a sequel to previous Evil Dead films. This time around the film focuses on Ash’s son. Look for plenty of Raimi-like goofiness in this one. This film is brought to you by Angry Camel Productions and is available for viewing HERE.

Closing up today’s updates, and continuing the blood shed, I bring you a a different sort of Fan Film, Director Effram J. Adams, Horror Movie. Adams film features a bullied girl who decides to exact revenge on Her tormentors by summoning the spirits of Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, and a host of other Horror film icons, to do Her bidding. As it turns out, the troubled girl may have bit off much more than she can chew. You can view this film in five parts by clicking HERE.

That’s all today, We’ll be back with more Fan Film fodder next time, including our second annual Fanboy Theatre Christmas Special! See Ya’ then!

-Fanboy Will


Timberwolf Entertainment, and Director Tim Whitfield, are currently producing a brand new Friday The 13th Fan Film series set to a scare a whole new generation of campers, and horror fans alike, with the release of their new project, Friday The 13th-The Obsession. The Obsession will begin filming soon, all the latest details can be found on the series official Facebook page.

This new Fan Film series looks to put a spin on the standard Friday The 13th storyline with a female playing the lead role, a part originally cast for a male, and a plot that may be a a pleasant surprise to diehard fans of the original films, and fan films that came before.

Here is a raw synopsis straight from Timberwolf Entertainment…

“Obsession is about a obsessed fan of the Friday the 13th series, taking on Jason’s persona, so the actual ‘Jason Voorhees’ is only in 2 or 3 major sequences, and in scattered visions throughout…  with the ‘pseudo’ Jason taking on the killings in much of the rest of it.”

Sound cool? I thought so 🙂 even cooler is the fact that this film series was made possible by a loyal fan base that managed to raise well over it’s original budget of $500. Mr. Whitfield, and Timberwolf Entertainment, have kept the flood gates open with a new goal of $1,000. That would make this series the biggest Friday The 13th Fan project of all time! You can be a part of Fan Film History by donating to the cause.

The first episode of the series will more than likely be directed by Mr. Joe Patnaud, the man behind the incredible FT13th Fan Film, Friday The 13th-The Storm. In case You haven’t seen it, I’ve posted it along with this update for all to enjoy 🙂

For even more on this exciting new project you can check out the film’s official blog.

Have fun kids!

-Fanboy Will