Trancas Films and HalloweenMovies.com are proud to announce the HALLOWEEN FAN FILM FESTIVAL, taking place this October. Fan-made films have long been an important part of the diverse tapestry that is the HALLOWEEN universe, and this fall we are celebrating these works with a month-long film festival on our site. In addition to a platform for filmmakers to have their work seen by hundreds of thousands of fans, it is also a competition, to be decided by viewers, to crown the best full length and short form fan films.

Films will be broken into two categories: FEATURES (60+ min.); and SHORTS (1-59 min.). The top two features, and the top four shorts will earn prizes, and will become permanent fixtures at HalloweenMovies.com for millions of fans to enjoy in the coming years.

There is NO CHARGE for filmmakers to submit their films. The call for entries opens August 1, and will close on Sunday, September 30.


  • All films will be uploaded to our Halloween Network YouTube page.
  • Once the call for submissions ends on September 30, I will go through and sort what we got, laying out a month-long schedule for them to run in October. The idea is to have two a week or so, based on the number of submissions.
  • Voting will be based on number of LIKES on the YouTube page for each one.
  • Winners will be announced on Halloween night, and added to a special page on the site.
  • Winners may also be screened at upcoming events

Here is what I had for ideas on rules for submission…


1. Films must be submitted as files, as we will be adding them to our HALLOWEEN Network on YouTube.

Send files via a download link, or large file transfer service (WeTransfer.com, for example) to justin@halloweenmovies.com or click the “Submit Now” link at the bottom of the page. Do not email links to any pre-existing YouTube post of your film, and do not post links here or at the HalloweenMovies Facebook page. The links will be deleted to keep things fair for everyone submitting.

2. With your submission, include the following:

  • The title of your film
  • Your name and contact information
  • Cast and crew list
  • Link(s) to any website(s) relevant to the film
  • Poster image for your film (if you have one)
  • Running time of your film (FEATURES run 60 min +, and SHORTS run 1-59 minutes)
  • Caution as to whether or not there is nudity and/or adult language (both are fine, we just need to know)

3. Films should involve the HALLOWEEN universe/characters we all know, or at least be related to the series in some manner, but cannot contain clips or music from any existing HALLOWEEN films, but you can include your own variations on the theme as long as you do not ever make your film available for sale anywhere. Please be aware that any uploads which contain intellectual property infringements will immediately be disqualified.

4. This Film Festival is not meant to encourage dangerous techniques when in production. Please BE SAFE and use any and all precautions when making your fan films. Avoid potentially dangerous things like real knives, and do not attempt to reenact stunts from any of the HALLOWEEN films. The Film Festival (or entity names) will not be responsible for any resulting injuries and cannot be held liable in a court of law. Engaging in production of films is at your own risk.

5. Submission of your film constitutes implied acceptance of any and all terms and conditions presented. Filmmakers may send a cease and desist letter to Film Festival. Legal release/disclaimer stating the above will be forwarded to filmmaker upon submission.  Signing the release is a prerequisite for entry into the contest.



Today’s FFOTD is a spooky little number from Director Dave McRae. McRae’s, Halloween-Black Eyes, manages to capture the fear and suspense of John Carpenter’s original 1978 film and cram it into a bite-sized fan feature. So turn off the lights, lock the doors, and enjoy…….


I’m baaaaaack!! Happy New Year Everyone! I trust everyone had an awesome holiday season 🙂 Well, It’s back to business here at FBT where we will be bringing you all that, and a bag o’ Fan Films in 2011! I appologize for the lengthy break fellow fans, But I assure you, the wait will be worth it 🙂 Some stuff to look forward to this year, the final completion of my handy Fan Film index, which will divide Fan Films into their own specific categories, like Batman, Horror, Star Wars, etc… Also, be on the lookout for further episodes of My podcast show with Co-Host, Chris Moshier, The Fan Film Podcast. And brand spankin’ new episodes of Fanboy Theatre TV! Look for an exciting new update tomorrow sure to tickle your Fan Film fancy 🙂 Be good!

-Fanboy Will


Blinky Production’s Chris Notarile returns to Haddonfield with his latest Fan Film, Halloween -Season- Consume!!


I cam across this Fan Film festival while surfing around Facebook. Below is all the details you will need if you care to enter your film into the festival. Good luck!

Cryptshow.Net (3F) Fan Film Festival Welcome to the first Cryptshow.Net (3F) Fan Film Festival in which we strive to bring the best and brightest in fan inspired films to a larger audience. This festival, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia (location TBA), will screen fan films of all types from those inspired by horror films (i.e. Halloween, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser), sci-fi (i.e. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings), and fantasy (i.e. Batman, superheroes), to name just a few. We take all types of fan films both shorts and features.

The festival is FREE to submit and we accept all types of fan films of all genres (even if you have one based on an action or drama film). We are doing this because we know that fan films are an act of love by the film makers because they make films which they cannot make a profit from and that many film festivals will not accept because they are not original films
*2-copies of each film submitted
*Submission Form
*CD – with posters, production stills, and photos for marketing

*All films must be fan films based on a previous property and you must acknowledge that property in film and/or marketing materials.
*You cannot use actual footage from any pre-existing film in your film (Trailers are exempt.).
**I hate rules so I won’t put a bunch of them down here that you probably won’t read anyways.

*Can be on any length. You cannot use pre-existing footage from another film in your film (although exceptions may be allowed if permission requested). Other than this there are no other rules.

*Can be of any length and genre. Unlike in shorts or features you can use pre-existing footage. Other than this all other rules and regulations apply.

All submissions and materials can be sent to Kevin Powers, c/o Cryptshow.Net 3F, PO Box 2684, Forest Park, GA 30298. Questions and comments can be addressed to me at brokenlighthousepictures@gmail.com
When sending posters, production stills, and other marketing materials make sure to put caption with photos and/or acknowledge photographer and people within.

NOTE: The Cryptshow.Net (3F) Fan Film Festival is a not for profit film festival. There are no fees for the film festival and admittance to view the films will be by donation only. We are not trying to profit from these films in any way but just to provide a venue for fans to be able to view the films like never before – together, in one venue, with other fans just like them!

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Yet another good friend of FBT, (Blinky Production’s own, Chris Notarile) is asking for your help to make a dream become a reality. I know Chris is a huge fan of the Halloween films, so reach deep into your pockets for a guy who knows how Halloween SHOULD be done…. Below is a synopsis of the project, Halloween Season, details on the fundraiser can be found HERE at Indiegogo.com

“Halloween (Season) is a non-canon atmospheric look at the stylistic world of Haddonfield and it’s my evil resident.

Michael Myers, one of the world’s most famous and deadliest slashers to ever exist, can best be classified as a thrill killer: A predator who finds excitement in the art of hunting and stalking prey.

But it is their first kill that creates an unquenchable blood lust in most thrill killers. And in an effort to recapture that defining moment of his live, Michael Myers attempts to recreate his first murder, the killing of his sister, Judith.”



I see You’re back, Good! I’ve got a mini update for you today featuring the debut of FBT’s newest feature, The Action Fan Film directory page! That’s right, I plan on making all info concerning your favorite Action based Fan Films available in this index, and that includes reviews! This is just the beginning…coming soon will be a DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Sci-Fi, Batman, and Horror Fan Film database! If You’ve got a Fan Film you’d like to add to any of the databases listed above, send us your link, along with a synopsis of your film, and a poster/stills to post along with your entry. Okay, on to the second order of business…My review of Italian Director, Emanuele Bolognari’s, Batman-Dark Justice! And stop by the Coming Soon section today for word on an exciting new Fan Film based on 2000 A.D. Comics own, Judge Minty! For all of the above, and a bag of chips, click HERE. Enjoy Guys 🙂