We’re always happy when a member of our Fan Film community manages to get the attention of a Hollywood executive, Director, or actor. Well, These guys have managed to garner the attention of all three with little film you may have heard of, Raiders Of The Lost Ark The Adaptation. Made in the 80’s by a bunch of dedicated, and talented young men from Biloxi Mississippi (Eric Zala, Chris Strompolos, and Jayson Lamb, to be exact..) .Raiders is literally a shot for shot remake of, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, filmed with a VHS Video Camera, starring an all kid cast, and backed by virtually no budget.

The film eventually did so well playing at festivals, small movie houses, and good old fashioned word of mouth, that a copy of the film ended up in the hands of the original film’s creators, the mighty Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas! Needless to say, they both loved it.

Fast forward to 2004′, All three of the filmmakers, now adults with successful careers and families, were so busy with life that their labor of love from all those years ago was reduced to fuzzy warm memory from their childhood. That all changed when Mr. Zala, Strompolos, and Lamb were all personally invited to meet Steven Spielberg at Dreamworks Studios corporate offices.

Well, The Gods of fortune seemed to have smiled on the talented trio once again…Fast forward to the present…

Raiders-The Adaptation, will be screening at Kevin Smith’s Theatre in L.A. this weekend  for a limited engagement! You can buy tickets to this event now, all the info you need is below…..

Best of luck with the screening Guys, and congratulations! 🙂

-Fanboy Will

For those of you near / in Los Angeles, we’re

having an impromptu screening of our Raiders movie

this weekend at Kevin Smith’s theater.

Kevin Smith’s – The Smodcastle

Saturday, September 18th @ 9pm.

6468 Santa Monica Blvd, LA, CA 90038


~The Raiders Guys J