Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Henry and Romo from The Geek Speak Show. I answered some basic questions about Fan Films, Fanboy Theatre, dropped a couple of names, and tried not too embarrass the Fan Film community too much. You can check out the show here Thanks for the love guys!



Fan Film Podcast Episode 64

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Is anyone familiar with the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? The game is based under the assumption that any actor can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps. I was having a bizarre thought while editing this week’s Podcast and took it a step farther. Do the fan film makers Fanboy Will and I talk with fit into the game? In some cases – very, very easily. Sometimes I think people get so enamored with “celebrity” we don’t realize how attainable or how we regular folk connect to these so called “stars”. So I took this week’s guest Chris Bouchard and put him to my hypothesis. Actually, Chris was pretty easy. But let’s play and maybe next time it will be a little more challenging.

So onto the game. Onto Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

1) Chris Bouchard directed Max Bracey is The Hunt for Gollum.
2) Max Bracey portrayed Baby Superman in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.
3) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace starred Gene Hackman.
4) Gene Hackman was in Get Shorty with John Travolta.
5) John Travolta was in Broken Arrow with Christian Slater.
6) And Christian Slater was in Murder in the First with Mr. Kevin Bacon.

So I give you Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. A game even the fan film lovers can play.