Hey Gang, Today’s Fan Film Of The Day is a little different….Star Trek-Aurora, an entirely computer animated Fan Film series by Tim Vining, chronicles the adventures of Kara Carpenter and her new (and only) Vulcan first mate T’Linge, crew of the Starship Aurora.Each and every installment of this series are truly incredible pieces of work, I’m sure you’ll agree. Below you will find all installments of the film compiled into a full length feature. Enjoy, live long, and prosper….



Hey folks, I apologize for my absence from the blog yesterday. To make up for this heinous  infraction most foul I’ve decided to make today’s FFOTD a genuine Double Feature! That’s right, two for the price of none! First up We have an awesome Star Wars Fan Film starring the smoothest space mack ever to sport a stache, Mr. Lando Calrissian! Our sincere thanks go out to Matthew Daley, cast, and crew for this hilarious Fan Film. Hitting in our clean-up position today, and keeping with with the Sci-Fi theme, I bring you Matthew Crott’s  Star Wars/ Mass Effect crossover Fan Film, Commander Shepard Vs. The Mandalorian! Enjoy Gang 🙂


Today’s FFOTD is an oldie, but a goodie, from the Godfather of Fan Films Himself, Mr. Donald F. Glut. Atomic Man Vs. Martian Invaders was made way back in 1967, But Glut’s camera work, and all around creativity, make this short a true classic. You can check out Mr. Glut’s website here

If You would like to hear an interview with Mr. Glut I conducted for My podcast (The Fan Film Podcast)  along with fellow Fan Film maven Chris Moshier ( Please click HERE.

Enjoy til’ your head explodes!!


Hey Ladies and Gents, I decided to start up a new feature here on FBT that’s sure to satisfy all of you fellow Fan Film nuts out there, Fan Film Of The Day! FFOTD will spotlight a different Fan Film everyday from Action, to Horror, and everything in between.  Since life has been hectic of late I don’t get a chance to update as often as I used to, or would like to,  so FFOTD will be a great way to get your fix while I’m away.  For our very first installment of FFOTD I figured it would be a poetic move, of sorts, to go with a film by the Director of the very first Fan Film I have had the pleasure of reviewing, The Nightmare Ends On Halloween. The Director is Chris Notarile, The company is Blinky Productions, and the brand new film…DARKMAN! Hope you enjoy folks 🙂

-Fanboy Will


I was recently contacted by John Adams regarding  an ambitious 10 part Dr. Who fan film series He is working on. The film is set to release in it’s entirety on November 23, which just so happens to be Dr. Who’s 47th anniversary. The film will be cut into ten parts, or episodes, to capture that TV series feel. Fortunately, Mr.Adams has finished two parts of the series which are available for viewing right here on FBT! Best of luck with the series John 🙂



HEY HEY HEY, It’s Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Albert! Nope, just me Fanboy 🙂 Today on FBT We shine the spotlight on Cult Retro Cinema’s superhero, and saturday serial style films. For those of you not in the know, Cult Retro Cinema was founded by none other than Mr. Bill Black. Mr. Black also happens to be the president of AC Comics, The independent comics giant behind such titles as, Captain Paragon, Commando D, Sentinels Of Justice, Nightveil, And their longest running, and most popular title,  Femforce. AC Comics is also known for it’s re-prints of lost Golden Age comics from the Superhero, and Western genres.

Fueled by his love of Movie Serials from the Golden Age, Retro Sci-Fi cinema, and B-Films, Mr. Black has decided to pursue an old passion of his, Filmmaking. With the birth of Cult Retro, Mr. Black’s comic book universe gets the live -action treatment in the form of original serial style short films starring some of his most popular characters. Today on FBT I will be reviewing three of Mr. Blacks films including..The Return Nyoka The Jungle Girl, Nightveil-The Sorcerer’s Eye, and The Blue Bulleteer-Captured By The Cloak. Check out all three write-up’s in the Reviews section. Make sure to stop by Cult Retro’s website today, and pick up some DVD’s while you’re there 🙂 Enjoy!



I see You’re back, Good! I’ve got a mini update for you today featuring the debut of FBT’s newest feature, The Action Fan Film directory page! That’s right, I plan on making all info concerning your favorite Action based Fan Films available in this index, and that includes reviews! This is just the beginning…coming soon will be a DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Sci-Fi, Batman, and Horror Fan Film database! If You’ve got a Fan Film you’d like to add to any of the databases listed above, send us your link, along with a synopsis of your film, and a poster/stills to post along with your entry. Okay, on to the second order of business…My review of Italian Director, Emanuele Bolognari’s, Batman-Dark Justice! And stop by the Coming Soon section today for word on an exciting new Fan Film based on 2000 A.D. Comics own, Judge Minty! For all of the above, and a bag of chips, click HERE. Enjoy Guys 🙂