Howdy Ladies and Gents! Just wanted to throw up a mini-post before our coverage from the 2010′ New York Comicon. Last night My partner Chris Moshier (The Fan Film Follies) and I, had the unique pleasure of interviewing some of the creative forces (Jennifer Zhang, Hugh Jardon, and Will Magno) behind a witty, funny, and surprisingly entertaining Fan Film parody (There ain’t too many of em’), Street Fighter High-The Musical! Well, in record time, Chris Moshier has just posted the audio from the show! Visit The Fan Film Podcast today to hear all about this fantastic Fan Film from the creators themselves! And just to make your lives a little easier, and proving that I’m the nicest Fanboy around, I have posted part one and two of the film below. Thanks so much for being on our show gang 😉



I was recently contacted by Mr. Richard Kuta regarding His animated Fan Film, currently in pre-production, starring video game icon, Sonic The Hedgehog! It looks to be one Hell of a tribute to The Blue Blur in all of his past, and present incarnations. The film has passed the pre-production stage as of spring, read below to see how you can help Mr. Kuta and crew finish this project. We love to help out fellow Fan Filmmakers whenever We can here at FBT, so please read the release in it’s entirety to see If you can lend a hand in any way. You can also view the first trailer for the film below, along with the official website links.  And as usual, We will keep you guys up to date on this films progress…

Over 5 years ago, I began development for a full length animated film centered on the popular video game character Sonic the Hedgehog. It garnered the attention from Sega of America and Universal Pictures but was rejected by Sega’s Japanese branch in 2007. After receiving the devastating news, the project soldiered on as an independent fan film.

The intent for this production is to incorporate elements from the comic books, cartoon shows, and video games to tell a compelling story of the blue blur. The feature will journey through a retrospective of Sonic’s history by exploring surrealistic landscapes that are reminiscent of the 16-bit era. Getting acquainted with other Sonic’s laundry list of friends from Tails, Princess Sally, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Shadow and many more. Sharing the emotional victories over the defeat of the sinister dictator Dr Robotnik and his robotic army. Re-introducing the Chaos Emeralds, their mystic power, and how it transformed Sonic into Super Sonic.
Pre-production has been completed since Spring 2010 which consists of a script, storyboards, artwork, outlines, descriptions, and voice recordings. Samples are posted for view in the “Gallery” section and more will surface in the near future. All the groundwork has been laid out we are ready to proceed to the next phase…..ANIMATION!
The style we’re implementing is a 2D hand drawn style fused with CGI FX that recaptures the magic of classic Disney/Don Bluth films and the nostalgia of the 90’s Saturday Morning cartoon series (SatAM). We’ve diligently planned everything out to ensure it would be an animated experience that everyone can enjoy since the people involved hold an encyclopedic knowledge of the franchise and have stayed faithful to the source material.

In July 2010, I partnered with a new studio and animation director who are anxious to work on this ambitious epic as new animation tests are currently underway.
NOTE: If we raise $1,500, we can have an animated sequence of the film completed in a 1 month duration! Not only that, the animation will be different and more polished from the 2009 trailer since the project is under a new umbrella.
On behalf of our humble crew, we collectively appreciate your expressed interest in our “way past cool” film and hope we can accomplish our goal after all the hard efforts that have been employed. Who knows, maybe we can get it screened in select theaters in things really pan out. And yes, there are sequels already outlined!
Furthernote, Im dedicating this project to the loving memory of Ben Hurst; writer of the SatAM cartoon show. He was a continuing source of inspiration growing up and the reason I wanted to pursue animation and multimedia. He was a treasured icon in the Sonic community and will be solely missed.
If anyone has questions, comments, or feedback please contact me directly at the following:

Skype: richiethechipmunk
AIM: johnhughesending
This is a non-profit fan film developed for entertainment purposes. Sonic and all related characters are property of SEGA, DiC/Cookie Jar Entertainment, and Archie Publications. All Rights Reserved.