FBT Chum, David Noble, and the good folks of  Stormfront Entertainment, are set to release a brand new Green Lantern fan film, Donna Parker-Green Lantern! This is Stormfront Entertainment’s third DC fan film, and it looks to be their most ambitious piece of film to date. Stormfront Entertainment provided me with this press release awhile back, And I’m just getting around to posting it now. Better late than never 🙂

UPDATE: The film is now complete and available for viewing HERE. Enjoy!

DONNA PARKER: GREEN LANTERN is based on the DC Comics series
Green Lantern and the recently released Blackest Night limited series
Also capturing elements of a 1990’s issue loosely based on of
Green Lantern Corps Quarterly, the story is a short-lived character
named Donna Parker.  Donna is confronted by a Guardian of the
Universe, who offers her a green power ring.  Adapting this story
into film, Donna Parker (Jessi Burkette) is met by Guardian Ranakar
(Tim Rowe) who offers the single mother of two a power ring.
While Donna ponders the implications of accepting this grand offer,
she seeks guidance from close friend Kate McKenzie (Tammy Rader),
is killed by a Black Lantern (Summer Mulford).  Donna confronts the
Black Lantern in a final duel.

DONNA PARKER: GREEN LANTERN is a fan film that was produced over the
course of six months from March to August 2010.  Filmed in Kansas
City, KS, the project boasts Midwest talents Jessi Burkette and
Summer Mulford in the lead roles, as well as cameos by Tim Rowe and
Tammy Rader, and a crew from Influence Films and Iron Dragon Films.
Currently a DONNA PARKER: GREEN LANTERN movie trailer
( can be found on
youtube.  Featured on this project is music by New Orleans artist
Michael Massel ( and artwork by
Rebecca Richardson Richardson.  Directed by David Noble and produced
by Sunah Park, this film is the latest in a series of shorts SFE is
developing to increase its audience, build credibility in the local
community, and strengthen their abilities and position to transform
into feature length motion pictures.

SFE released THE DISAGREEMENT in late February 2010, HIDDEN FRIEND
in April 2010, and THE SAFE TEAM (an A-Team parody currently
competing for the Army-Wide Safety Video competition).  Upcoming
projects in pre-production include ZYDECO, a horror thriller based
on Cajun culture, THE UNDELIVERED, a thriller based on generations
of wrongful deaths, and PROXIMATE VIOLENCE, a thrill-ride experience
about a boy and his haunted car…not to be confused with Stephen

For further information on DONNA PARKER: GREEN LANTERN, or any other
upcoming SFE projects, you may contact the SFE team at 850-SFFILMZ
(733-4569) or at



Stormfront’s first short film focuses on DC Comics’ Female characters

Baton Rouge, LA- February 25th, 2010-  Central Louisiana enters the world of fan film
creativity with the introduction  of Stormfront Entertainment’s (SFE) short film
“The Disagreement”. The movie has a scheduled release of 8pm on February 26th, 2010
from the official SFE website at

Based on two of the most popular female characters in the DC Universe, this little project
follows a polite conversation between Selina Kyle and Diana Prince that quickly turns sour
when the two characters discover their boyfriends have too much in common.  It does not
help matters that these lovely ladies are also Catwoman and Wonder Woman in disguise!

The project, which took approximately four months to complete with a budget of $600 dollars,
is the inaugural production by upstart independent film company SFE.  Actress Kristin Ann
(Selina Kyle), whose experience includes stints on Monk and The West Wing, takes the lead
role opposite Zabrina Lusker (Diana Prince), a newcomer to the acting scene.  Rounding out
the cast is actor Joshua Stelly.  All three actors are natives of the New Orleans and Baton
Rouge areas in south Louisiana.

Stormfront Entertainment plans to use “The Disagreement” as a launching platform to
enter the world of international fan film productions.  Other fan films projects currently
under development include “Hidden Friend” (Transformers), “Poker Night” (The Flash),
and “Donna Parker” (Green Lantern).  SFE also plans to integrate original projects into
the above list of developing fan films.  Original projects include “Zydeco” (horror),
“The Undelivered” (thriller), and “Proximate Violence” (suspense).

If you would like more information about this project, or would like to interview Producer
Sunah Park or Director David Noble, please contact SFE at 850-733-4569 or at