Hello Hello, I am back as promised with a Gigant-a-mundo Fan Film update just for You! (pointing at Everyone) Let’s start with some Fan Films that are playing now…First up is the recently released Doctor Who Fan Film by John Adams, Doctor Who-A Survivor’s Triangle. Also available for your immediate viewing pleasure, The Rat (A Batman Fan Film) by Films Entire and James Fabrigar, Spider-Man:Asylum, A film brought to you by X-Men:District-X Director, Jacopo, Harry Potter Fan Film, James Potter And The Case Of The Gatekeeper, And a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan Film currently tearing up the internet, Fight The Foot! Have fun 🙂



Sorry Deadheads, this isn’t a film about a certain train driver high on illegal substances…Instead, this film shines the spotlight on the masked vigilante, and best friend of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  THE one and only..Casey Jones! Brought to you by Texas Filmmaker, Polaris Banks, the film looks to touch upon the origins of the character. If that’s not cool enough, look for a special appearance from TMNT’s Michelangelo! The film is currently in production, in the meantime, I’ve posted the film’s first trailer below to wet your appetite, Enjoy!


Monday, January 4, 2010


Hey Folks, Welcome to the first installment of Fanboy Fodder. Fanboy Fodder is a random entry that is Fanboy friendly, but not related to Fan Films. Today’s entry is all about my recent trip to The Dollar Tree! Normally a trip to the dollar store is a guilty pleasure that is nothing to write home about, but on this particular day I discovered some buried treasure in the form of comic books, and trading cards! The comics were in mystery packs, containing 2-3 older comics, and a random non-sports trading card. Here’s a list of the comics I scored in 5 packs…Fantastic Four #247, The Iron Manual #1 (An Iron Man Tech guide), The Micronauts #57, Terminator 2-Judgement Day:Cybernetic Dawn #1, The New Mutants #32, Air Raiders #1, Teen Titans Spotlight #18, Xena Warrior Princess & Joxer Warrior Prince #1, And Secret Wars II #9. The cards included in the packs included were two Wolverine cards, one Batman movie card (Tim Burton film), a Valiant Comics card, and a Marvel Comics foil card. Check out the pics of the actual items below…And now, Here are the sealed non-sports trading card packs I acquired from the mystery card packs….The Mask-Movie Cards, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II-The Secret Of The Ooze-Movie Cards, Muppets Take The Ice cards, and Garfield Collection cards from Pacific

Not too shabby… Just goes to show you that you never know what you’ll find at your local dollar store.