Today’s FFOTD features one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, Jonah Hex. You don’t see many Jonah Hex Fan films floating around out there, especially those of the animated variety. Thanks to director Bruno Sathler, We get just that, A Flash animated short that features DC’s most beloved gunslinger. I hope you enjoy 🙂



HEY HEY HEY, It’s Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Albert! Nope, just me Fanboy 🙂 Today on FBT We shine the spotlight on Cult Retro Cinema’s superhero, and saturday serial style films. For those of you not in the know, Cult Retro Cinema was founded by none other than Mr. Bill Black. Mr. Black also happens to be the president of AC Comics, The independent comics giant behind such titles as, Captain Paragon, Commando D, Sentinels Of Justice, Nightveil, And their longest running, and most popular title,  Femforce. AC Comics is also known for it’s re-prints of lost Golden Age comics from the Superhero, and Western genres.

Fueled by his love of Movie Serials from the Golden Age, Retro Sci-Fi cinema, and B-Films, Mr. Black has decided to pursue an old passion of his, Filmmaking. With the birth of Cult Retro, Mr. Black’s comic book universe gets the live -action treatment in the form of original serial style short films starring some of his most popular characters. Today on FBT I will be reviewing three of Mr. Blacks films including..The Return Nyoka The Jungle Girl, Nightveil-The Sorcerer’s Eye, and The Blue Bulleteer-Captured By The Cloak. Check out all three write-up’s in the Reviews section. Make sure to stop by Cult Retro’s website today, and pick up some DVD’s while you’re there 🙂 Enjoy!