That’s right Kiddies, Thanks to director Adam Jay, cast, and crew, Everyone’s favorite Amazon is set to star in a brand new Fan Film, Wonder Woman-Heritage! Below are some words about the film taken directly from the official website..

Why Wonder Woman?

Every fan loves a fan film: a labor of love that presents a unique point of view, pushing the boundaries of what movies are allowed to do.  Iconic characters are the most symbolic and the most important, and we chose Wonder Woman because she is EPIC, and arguably the most controversial of all of DC’s most beloved characters! To our knowledge their isn’t yet a Wonder Woman Fan Film out there that has been able to do her justice and we want to give the fans something to go gaga over!!

After the explosion of comments, shares, interviews of Adam Jay’s Wonder Woman photo shoot with Sarah Scott, we decided this is the time!

Excited yet?? We sure are! No set date on the release of this baby, but you have  plenty of cool stuff to check out on the website to keep you busy. We have included a pic of the, very beautiful, Sarah Scott as Wonder Woman below.  Indulge!!

-Fanboy Will



Stormfront’s first short film focuses on DC Comics’ Female characters

Baton Rouge, LA- February 25th, 2010-  Central Louisiana enters the world of fan film
creativity with the introduction  of Stormfront Entertainment’s (SFE) short film
“The Disagreement”. The movie has a scheduled release of 8pm on February 26th, 2010
from the official SFE website at http://www.stormfrontentertainment.com/Videos.html.

Based on two of the most popular female characters in the DC Universe, this little project
follows a polite conversation between Selina Kyle and Diana Prince that quickly turns sour
when the two characters discover their boyfriends have too much in common.  It does not
help matters that these lovely ladies are also Catwoman and Wonder Woman in disguise!

The project, which took approximately four months to complete with a budget of $600 dollars,
is the inaugural production by upstart independent film company SFE.  Actress Kristin Ann
(Selina Kyle), whose experience includes stints on Monk and The West Wing, takes the lead
role opposite Zabrina Lusker (Diana Prince), a newcomer to the acting scene.  Rounding out
the cast is actor Joshua Stelly.  All three actors are natives of the New Orleans and Baton
Rouge areas in south Louisiana.

Stormfront Entertainment plans to use “The Disagreement” as a launching platform to
enter the world of international fan film productions.  Other fan films projects currently
under development include “Hidden Friend” (Transformers), “Poker Night” (The Flash),
and “Donna Parker” (Green Lantern).  SFE also plans to integrate original projects into
the above list of developing fan films.  Original projects include “Zydeco” (horror),
“The Undelivered” (thriller), and “Proximate Violence” (suspense).

If you would like more information about this project, or would like to interview Producer
Sunah Park or Director David Noble, please contact SFE at 850-733-4569 or at