Fan Film Podcast Episode 75

This addition of the award winning Fan Film Podcast is…ok…we’ve never won any awards. In fact we’ve never even been close to be nominated for anything. Our efforts are clearly ignored by the mass media and most people in general. So in this addition of the very underrated and under appreciated Fan Film Podcast Fanboy Will talks about his experiences and offers up some interviews from this year’s New York Comic Con that took place October 8th through the 10th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Fanboy Will did record the panel for the Syfy series Riese. Unfortunately, the audio of the panel is often times hard to hear so we decided to leave it off the new episodes of the Podcast. Instead we’ll offer the audio as a separate file for anyone who really wants to gander a listen. You can make out what’s being said, but in some parts you really have to pay attention to get what the panelists are saying.

Interviews that are included on the Podcast are Vixens of Virtue Vixens of Vice creator Rob Longo as well as actor Corey Feldman. Plus we get stories of all Will’s adventures at the convention.

This will be the last Podcast of 2010. We’ll be back sometime in late winter or early spring of 2011 to bring you all new interviews with the talents behind some great fan films. Both Will and I extend a very happy holiday and hope you’ll keep visiting us both at the Fan Film Follies and Fanboy Theatre as we make our regular updates into the new year.


Chris Moshier


Fanboy Theatre was lucky enough to be part of a roundtable interview with Corey Feldman at the 2010′ New York Comicon, and the result is our mini interview with Mr. Feldman captured by Fangirl Patty. I hope you enjoy 🙂 Also stick around for the end of this episode featuring a trailer for the Fan Film, Star Wars-A Light In The Darkness, and part one of a funny little series from, The Night League. Consume!